Friday, October 14, 2022

Women to Women - Get Out the Vote


What I'm doing today before allowing myself time with my new book.  
Doing what I can to Get Out the Vote by engaging in some letter writing.  Women to Women letter writing.  Reaching out to women in my area in an attempt to remind people, women especially, why it's important to vote.  Especially important now.

Thanks to Pamela Williamson and The Watauga County Dems for pulling this program together, putting together valuable information to share, and samples of letters to personalize.


This is a personalized version I'm using:

"Our country is so divided right now, and it’s so important we elect candidates of good character who want to bring us together. We can't go on like this. Our country will be destroyed, and we will lose all hope for our future.  For our democracy.

I hope you'll vote and vote with your heart. Vote Blue."

Please vote!

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Lesa said...

Voting blue! Early voting starts next Monday. It's even at the library, so I have no excuse. Blue down the entire ballot!