Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Musing . . .


I rarely, very rarely, watch the news any more, but I do stay up with things through my personal choices in written news outlets (no, Facebook is NOT a reliable source for news, although probably is at least as reliable as Fox).

My quick and concise (well, as concise as I can be . . .) reactions to and thoughts regarding news bits (both serious and less serious) I've read recently are as follows.

First though, let me just say I miss Walter Cronkite and his honest delivery of the news without a personal slant.  We need that now more than ever.  "Unbiased News" is, imo, an oxymoron.   Admittedly, I'm way more on the liberal side of issues than the conservative side - you all knew that, right? 😁 πŸ˜† 😊and yes, i will always choose MSNBC as my go to spot for news, fully aware of their liberal slant.  At least they didn't have to pay $787 million dollars for lying to their viewers . . .

 I read an article where Michelle Obama admitted to being terrified regarding the 2024 election.  Me too.

When the leading Republican candidate says he hopes the economy tanks this year I kinda think well, there's one more really stupid statement from a really stupid man.  That's actually not nearly as bizarre as some of the other shit he's said, but it does show a lack of basic common sense understanding of how this country's government works in relation to the rest of the world that you would think Republicans would find unsettling, if not alarming. 

Some dude on Fox wants us to believe that Taylor Swift is a government operative.  Bless his heart.

I love Anne Lamott, but I wish she had kept her thoughts about Taylor Swift to herself.    

Who do I love for what they have to say?  Heather Cox Richardson, Connie Schultz

Who do I wish would shut up and go away (in addition to the obvious)?  Aaron Rodgers, Megyn Kelly

There's plenty more on my mind, but if I think about it all too long and too hard my head feels like it might explode.


With that I shall return to looking out the window and appreciating the peaceful magic of a quiet snowy day while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate topped with too many mini marshmallows while reading an ARC from NetGalley written by one of my favorite authors, Ruth Hogan, The Phoenix Ballroom, to be released in June.

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