Thursday, May 2, 2024

Variation on a Theme by King David by L.B. Thompson

 Not everyone loves poetry.  And will say so.   To me, that seems a little unnecessarily dismissive.

I will say that I love some poetry.  Just as i love some books and some music.  Because there is music which is truly, to my ears, awful, it would never occur to me to tell anyone I don't like music, or that I don't listen to music.

That said, there are certain books, as well as certain songs, that are particular favorites.  As is this particular poem.

Variation on a Theme by King David

Praise to you!
Praise to you my snappy love!

Praise you in clean socks on a Queens-bound
train; praise you
for your famous avocado
sandwiches; Praise you from Brooklyn to blasphemy!

I've called the mayor to praise you; & a third-
base coach; even
that no-neck accountant
who doesn't have the decency to nod hello
has agreed to praise you!

Praise you with bongos and fine fancy
tea; praise you
with rhumba, tango & marmelade; praise
you with your knickers at your knees!

I praise you on Flag Day, & on whichever equinox
allows for the balancing of eggs;
I praise you with eggs!
Brown ones & jumbo & Faberge Tiffany blue!

On the white of your wrist I praise you;
on the vaccuumed throw rug; I praise you full-
page on Sunday! With faxes
& foxgloves & brushed cotton sheets;
with sky-write & timbrel &

wink! Let every soul
in the Battery Tunnel honk
her horn to praise you! Praise you
with ripe limes & wrestling mats;
praise you tax-free with agates and tin foil
& all sparkly things!

Praise you with foggy spectacles and Wisconsin green cheese!
Praise you to the afternoon of orthopedic sneakers;
praise you from poinsettia to piccolo!
Praise you & praise you & praise you!

My love,
from Brooklyn to blasphemy I praise you!

--L. B. Thompson


kerayne said...

I, too, love poetry. When I taught the introduction to poetry course to non-English-majors, I asked how many hated poetry. I then asked how many hated broccoli or Brussels sprouts. To the many who raised their hands, I asked, "Do you hate food?" When they said, "No," I told them that they didn't actually hate poetry, just the poems they had encountered. I told them that by the end of the semester, they would have at least one poem that they liked, maybe even that they loved. In almost every case, that was true.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Love this!