Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's Left to Say

What's left to say about the inauguration?

I loved every minute.

I love this new feeling of hope. And seeing that hope reflected in the faces of so many. The smiles and the tears.

I loved watching those beautiful little girls who have the adventure of a lifetime ahead of them and hope they're able to keep their joyful exuberance for years and years to come. I love saying "our new president." And I love the obvious caring that radiates from he and his family when they're together. With all my heart, I wish them all the best things in life with a lot of laughter, love and gentleness.

While I tried to fight back the tears all day so I could watch what was going on, the moment I truly, truly lost it and just gave up was during the "First Dance." I loved this.

And oh man, I truly covet Aretha's hat.
i do love this hat.

Here's to lovely new beginnings.
And to Aretha's hat.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you -- I absolutely loved that romantic scene with the Obamas slow-dancing to "At Last."

They are such an elegant couple!
Pat Browning

Jen Forbus said...

Hi Kaye,

I'm catching up on my blogs this morning and I loved that you posted this video of the First Couple's first dance. In my lifetime I've not encountered a leader who has been so motivating for me. God works in mysterious ways, I believe. The only way for us as a nation to dig ourselves out of this mess is to work together - and I can't imagine any human (emphasis on the word HUMAN) right now who could be more capable of motivating folks to do just that.

I admire this man; he is not only a great motivator - and I believe he will be a great leader - but he's a fabulous role model. How much we need all of these things right now.

Bless our new president; bless his family. Oh what a joy to have hope.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Its going to be an interesting time. Aside from the need some of us feel for the healing we're hoping President Obama will bring, the public's fascination with him and his family equals what I remember with President and Jackie Kennedy.