Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Things You Can Discover While Browsing the Blogs (like Reed Farrel Coleman)

One of the things I love best about the blogging world is the wealth of talent I've discovered in the art of storytelling.

We expect great stories from our writers who also blog - that is, after all, what they do so beautifully. But I've discovered great story telling from others as well - some of them are shown right here at my Meanderings and Muses blog roll to your left. I browse these sites almost every day, and it never fails that a couple of them lead me to still more sites. One that always leads me to interesting spots is David McMahon's authorblog. Mr. McMahon is "totally committed to encouraging excellence in others." You'll find interesting, fun items, and be treated to some quite stunning photography.

Today's meanderings through my blog roll found a terrific story told by Reed Farrel Coleman. Ironically, I have just recently discovered Mr. Coleman's Moe Prager series, and am presently reading the third in that series - "The James Deans," which was the winner of the Barry, Shamus and Anthony awards. I'm totally wowed by Mr. Coleman's writing, and have a huge crush of Moe Prager.

My reading has gone through a sea change over the past couple of years, thankfully. Otherwise, I would not know names I'm just now beginning to recognize, read and thoroughly enjoy.

While I've always read a wide range of different types of things, and have never been one to say no to trying a new writer, I have, in the past, given wide berth to what is referred to as "hard boiled crime fiction." I have favorite writers in a wide spectrum of writing - romance, chick lit, horror, and so it goes. I'm a fool for biographies, and short story anthologies. Mysteries, however, have long been my favorite, and I was mostly reading the more traditional mysteries - bending more in favor, perhaps, to the "cozy" rather than the "hard boiled."

I'm finding that to be changing a bit. I'm still firmly in the traditional category, but overly cozy no longer has the appeal it once did. And lo and behold, hard boiled is finding its way into my everyday reading more and more. And so —voilĂ !— a whole new group of writers to start piling onto my already sagging bookshelves. One of the authors I've discovered during this journey is Ken Bruen. I'm over the moon for Ken Bruen's work. I've read somewhere recently that reviewers are discouraged from using over-worked words such as "lyrical" when writing their review. Good thing I'm not a reviewer, 'cause I can't come up with a word more fitting for Mr. Bruen's work. Heartbreakingly lyrical. That's the best I can do.

Two of my newest discoveries, and favorite writers - Reed Farrel Coleman and Ken Bruen - have collaborated on a book which will be released in September by David Thompson's Busted Flush Press.

Am I excited to hear this?! Well, Boy Howdy - YES, I am!

The name of the book is Tower. And Mr. Coleman tells the fascinating story about how it came to be at the Busted Flush Press Blogspot. You'll love the story. It's a fun tale, and who knows - after reading it, if you're not already familiar with Mr. Coleman's work, you may find you want to gobble up everything else he's written. Just like me.

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Carol Murdock said...

Kaye...come over and read about RC White the new mystery author I discovered this week! GREAT READ!