Friday, May 22, 2009

A Magical Place! AND a Party! oh my!

This is TOO delicious not to share -

I've discovered one of the most clever, totally delightful blogs ever.

A Fanciful Twist,
through the secret keyhole


there's a party planned -

"A Party, A Party, A Mad and Gloriously Enchanted Party!"

and we're all invited - Hooray, Hooray !

It's the Second Annual Mad Tea Party


it's just going to be much too fun to miss!

Visit A Fanciful Twist to see details.

You'll also want to

take a peek at the First Annual Mad Tea Party to see (sadly!) what fun we all missed last year.

I intend to don my party frock and attend Vanessa's party, and Meanderings and Muses will be playing along that day - June 27th. Stay tuned for details.

images used with Vanessa's permission

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Carol Murdock said...

I went over Kaye! It's very eye-catching. Her writing on Keyhole is real interesting too.