Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

There are a ton of terrific blogs out there.

No matter what you might want to read about, chances are you can probably find it in the land of the blogs. Some are better than others, and new ones are popping up every day. In addition to the blogs I love which have to do with mysteries and crime fiction, I've found several blogs I enjoy dealing with a wealth of different topics. Everything from being an introvert, to hats, to tree houses, and tea parties, and an ever growing abundance of sometimes obscure, arcane, esoteric, and/or just plain ol' fun "stuff." Everyone on God's green earth should now be able to find a blog out there to fill their wants, their needs or maybe just a daily fix for whatever sparks their fancy.

I've decided that there are some blogs I'm going to squeal about. Just 'cause. My favorites are, of course, shown here in my blog roll, but if I read something that I find especially interesting in some fashion, I'm going to mention it here in case you might find it interesting too. And I hope you'll share some of your favorites in return.

Want to read about food? (This is one of my favorite topics, for sure). Want to read about food written by someone who also happens to share our love of books, who reads a LOT, and owns more books than the average human being, AND, as an added bonus, writes beautifully? Then you need to be finding your way over to "will read for food: notes from a bookseller-at-large." I love this blog. It's written by Nicki Leone. Nicki is amazing. As you browse around this site, you'll find other things of interest that she does, and that she writes about, and you'll wonder how on earth she finds the time to be involved in so much, and still have the time to share it all with us in her blogs and newsletters. You know how we all have said at some point, "I'd read her grocery list and enjoy it?" Well. Nicki is one of those writers. And she's generous with her gifts, and with her knowledge.

She's also a contributor to "BiblioBuffet: Writing Worth Reading, Reading Worth Writing About," which is another of my favorite places to visit. Have you been there? Don't miss it. If you're here at Meanderings and Muses, you're obviously a reader, and you just need to stop by BiblioBuffet. You'll be happy I sent you. Promise.

Nicki also writes a newsletter - "Lady Banks' Commonplace Book," which is a newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and featuring an overview of literary news and events as found on Authors 'Round the South.

I hope you'll take the time to read some of Nicki's work. You'll be a fan in no time. Just like me.

Another blog I enjoy is "BREVITY's Creative Nonfiction Blog; Write Hard, Write Smart." Since I've started blogging I've become very interested in creative nonfiction writing, and this is a great spot.

and one more.

This is a brand new blogspot, and it just so happens Harley was invited to participate. And - bless his lovely Corgi heart, he invited me to come along. Check out, please, "Coffee With a Canine." It is TOO fun!


Lauren Roberts said...

Good morning, Kaye.

Nicki is indeed one of the finest writers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even her e-mails are fountains of joy. Thank you for highlighting her blog. It's fantastic, as you said. And a special thank you for mentioning BiblioBuffet.

May Meanderings and Muses enjoy the same special place in a lot of hearts and minds as it does in mine.

Best wishes,


Vicki Lane said...

I'm very fond of Nicki's Lady Banks' Commonplace Book -- she's a delightful writer!