Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Morning in Boone, North Carolina

You know how some days are just perfect? Just so sweetly perfect that it makes you remember to say "thank you."

We started today with one of those mornings.

Our house has become "bunny central" and is sort of like living a scene of "Watership Down," which Donald and I both enjoy. We don't have a spot flat enough to try to have a vegetable garden, so all the bunnies grazing don't upset us. I have to admit to being a bit provoked by the oldest and largest resident bunny the year he ate all my geraniums right down to the dirt.

Five pots.

Flowers, leaves, stems. gone. AND the little dickens sat right there and finished the last pot as I was walking towards him to shoo him away! Then, bless his heart, he was so fat full from his meal he didn't even "hop" away - but just slowly sauntered. Scared to death of me he was not. pfft. We call him Grampy Bunny. He's been with us for years, and he just gets bigger and bigger. And is now patriarch over a large family. The best time to steal a look at them gathering for their family meal is early in the mornings, and again around dusk. And it's not unusual to see a gathering of about 15, from big ol' Grampy Bunny, to the teeniest little babies imaginable. And that's how we started our day today. Taking the time to watch this little event is well worth being a bit late for work.

Then when we got to the end of our driveway in time to watch a huge wild turkey sauntering across the road into the woods. Usually when we see a turkey, it's in a group, or at least walking with a partner, so I'm not sure if this one was just out for a morning stroll, needed some time alone, or what.

After we turn left out of our driveway, we're always greeted with the incredibly peaceful sight of horses grazing on the mountainside. Big Belgians, next to small Shetlands. Lovely. So lovely it brings tears to my eyes, morning after morning. It's a small slice of peacefulness that I will never ever tire of.

About two months ago, one of the Shetlands gave birth. If that is not the sweetest - just eat 'em up sweet - baby ever, I just don't know what is. We like to drop by to check on baby's progress, and feel her soft as cotton mane.

see how teeny she is?!! Don't you want to just kiss her little nose?!!

And then there was still one more surprise waiting for us before we got off our road. Deer romping around the last field before hitting the main road. Majestic, proud, playful.

All this makes me wish I could pick a winning lottery ticket. I don't know that I would do anything any more outrageous than quit my job, and try to convince Donald to quit his so we could just drive around these beautiful mountains and snap pictures. Where on earth else could I possibly want to be?

Well . . . . maybe six months here and six months living on the water?? It for sure couldn't get any more perfect than that. In the meantime, I have to think we're living in our own version of heaven on earth.

(Note: I have not been lucky enough to snap any pictures of any of these little bunny meal times yet, but I haven't given up on that. In the meantime, are y'all familiar with "" It is very cool - check it out. That's where this bunny and this wild turkey photo came from. I have got to learn to be quicker with my little camera for our little wild life photo opportunities! and I'm gonna. Starting immediately!)

See - I just knew it was gonna be a good day!

Janet Rudolph, self proclaimed Chocoholic, and Mistress of the Dying for Chocolate Blog, tells us that has announced
its Top 10 List for All-About-Chocolate Blogs on the Web. Thanks, Janet!!

AND. speaking of Chocolate. Chick-fil-A serves the yummiest chocolate milkshakes. Scrumptious. It's all I can do to say "no" to one - and of course - I'm not gonna say "no" every time we go there, but at the same time, I surely can't say "yes" every time we go either! Anyway. I meander. Donald and I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch today. While we were sitting in the drive-thru line, a nice lady came by with little free samples of their newest summer milkshake. Peach. oh my. Y'all. Do go to Chick-fil-A and get yourself a fresh peach milkshake. Or chocolate. Or live on the wild side and have one of each. You'll thank me. for real.


Vicki Lane said...

Just another day in Paradise . . .

Meredith Cole said...

That foal is absolutely adorable! And so are those bunnies. But I can see how you might be angry at them for munching your beautiful flowers. It would be so much better if they ate kudzu and poison ivy all up.

Carol Murdock said... are living a blessed life for sure!!

Wendy said...

Dear Kaye,
I loved hearing about your bunnies! We have a few around here, but not that many. And I laughed about the turkey needing time along. Maybe he's just had it!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Hey there ladies!

Vicki - we do enjoy a bit of paradise in these NC mountains, don't we? Carol! You, my dear, are also living a very charmed life - and have WONDERFUL stories which we all love. Keep 'em coming!

Merdith, hi!! These bunnies have gotten SO fat already this year on our weeds - I think they'll eat anything! Donald's getting a bit concerned about the tires on the cars! ha!!!!!

Wendy honey! Hey!!!!! We understand Mr. Turkey's need for "alone time," don't we?