Thursday, October 29, 2009

Announcing Guests for 2010

Has it been a whole year?!

It has!

Champagne, everyone!

Meanderings and Muses was launched October 15th of last year with my post about Bouchercon 2008, along with two guest blogs I had done earlier with Murderati and The Stiletto Gang. The first blogs I ever did. and now, Lord help us - you can't shut me up.

It does not feel like a whole year has gone by, does it?! 'Course, I have to say, now that I'm "of a certain age," I've come to learn that time does seem to pass more quickly than it did when we were growing up and summer vacations seemed to be slow, leisurely and almost never ending.

But. It has been a very good year. Meanderings and Muses has been a fun and fulfilling thing for me. It has been made much more meaningful due, in no small part, to the guests who have been a part of it. The guests, AND those of you who drop by to leave a comment or send me an email about something you've read here. You have all graced my life and I thank you.

So, warm hugs to each of you. Many of you who were guests this past year will be back for 2010 and that is just a kick! You have made Meanderings and Muses what it is, and for that I am extraordinarily proud. And grateful. I am also very proud to have each of you as a part of my life, some in a much larger way than I ever could have dreamed. I made a few boo-boo's here last year, and I appreciate you pretending they didn't happen, or that you didn't notice, and trust me enough to try again.

Here's next year's line-up, as it stands right now. There will, of course, be changes, additions and drops. Trying to schedule for an entire year can be a bit daunting, but surprisingly enough - this has been a breeze! That said - if any of you notice that your schedule and my schedule don't jive, let me know and we'll get it fixed.

One more thing!!!

A note to guests. This is just an idea - let me know what you think, please.

Many of you are familiar with the book by Jill Krementz - THE WRITER'S DESK. There are other books and articles of a similar nature. Snapshots of where a writer does his or her work. I'd like to try to do something similar this year. Not limited to our writers, and not limited to where you work. I'd like to include with everyone's post, a photo of a favorite spot; either where you work or where you read, or a spot that fills you with that special feeling of peace. Or, the place you seem to feel the most creative. The photos we included last year were terrific, and we'll continue with that - absolutely! This new idea for the "special place" photo is something I hope you'll also consider sharing. (many thanks to Jan Kozlowski who posted about this book recently at DorothyL and reminded me how much I love it).

O.K. - here we go.

Meanderings and Muses 2010 Guests

January 7 - Wendy Barlett

January 11 - Liz Zelvin

January 14 - L. J. Sellers

January 18 - Sandra Ruttan

January 21 - Rob Walker

January 25 - Toni L. P. Kelner

January 28 - Lou Allin

February 1 - Kelli Stanley

February 4 - Morgan Mandel

February 8 - Jenny Milchman

February 11 - Melinda Wells

February 15 - Robin Burcell

February 18 - Hank Phillippi Ryan

February 22 - JT Ellison

February 25 - Sandra Parshall

March 1 - Clea Simon

March 4 - Marilyn Meredith

March 8 - Jen Forbus

March 11 - Cornelia Read

March 15 - Mary Welk

March 18 - Earl Staggs

March 22 - Karen Olson

March 25 - Libby Fischer Hellmann

March 29 - Kris Neri

April 1 - Lesa Holstine

April 5 - Bo Parker

April 8 - Alan Orloff

April 12 - Jane Cleland

April 15 - Patricia Neely-Dorsey

April 19 - Vicki Delany

April 22 - Chester Campbell

April 26 - Barbara Fister

April 29 - Mary Reed

May 3 - Elaine Viets

May 6 - Larry Karp

May 10 - Suzanne Adair

May 13 - Kathryn Wall

May 17 - Laura Childs

May 20 - Jeff Cohen

May 24 - Meredith Cole

May 27 - Chris Grabenstein

May 31 - Elizabeth Spann Craig

June 3 - Alexandra Sokoloff

June 7 - Marcia Talley

June 10 - Julie Hyzy

June 14 - Julia Buckley

June 17 - Carola Dunn

June 21 - Bill Cameron

June 24 - Sarah Byrne

June 28 - Ben Small

July 1 - Mary Jane Maffini

July 5 - Shane Gericke

July 8 - Radine Trees Nehring

July 12 - Molly Weston

July 15 - Evelyn David

July 19 - Patty Andersen

July 22 - Pat Browning

July 26 - Lonnie Cruse

July 29 - Cathy Lee Carper

August 2 - Dean James

August 5 - Mike Orenduff

August 9 - Neil Plakcy

August 12 - Toni L. P. Kelner

August 16 - Bill Crider

August 19 - Toni McGee Causey

August 23 - Shirley Wetzel

August 26 - Robert Fate

August 30 - Jennifer Stanley

September 2 - Nancy Dillingham

September 6 - Ellery Adams

September 9 - Beth Groundwater

September 13 - Gary Corby

September 16 - NJ Lindquist

September 20 - Nikki Strandskov

September 23 - Kenneth R. Lewis

September 27 - Vicki Lane

September 30 - P.J. Coldren

October 4 - Jonathan Quist

October 7 - Jeri Westerson

October 11 - Barbara Fradkin

October 21 - Alan Cook

October 25 - Robin Minnick

October 28 - Louise Penny

November 1 - Margaret Maron

November 4 - Tony Burton

November 8 - Chris Roerden

November 11 - Sharon Wildwind

November 15 - Mark Coggins

November 18 - Lillian Stewart Carl

November 22 - Irene Fleming

November 29 - Caryn St. Clair

December 2 - Maggie Barbieri

December 6 - Twist Phelan

December 9 - Nancy Means Wright

December 13 - Gillian Roberts

December 16 - Shelley Costa Bloomfield

December 20 - Deni Dietz

December 23 - R. J. Harlick

Note: To everyone reading this - if you happen to bump into Mr. Lee Child - would you mention to him please that we're saving him a spot . . .

any excuse to post this picture one more time . . .


le0pard13 said...

Congrats, Kaye. And that's a pretty impressive list for '10. Thank you.

Carol Murdock said...

Congratulations Kaye! Great list too!! xoxo

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Wow, Kaye, that's quite amazing.

I was thinking--we should have a big party and invite all your M&M guests...and then I realized, yeah, that's called Bouchercon!

Delighted to be included. I'll bring a photo, as requested, and other loot and freebies!

( word verification is barfl. That's a weird one..)

Vicki Lane said...

Looking forward to it, Kaye! I already have a picture of my workspace up on my blog -- don't mind at all posting it elsewhere.

Hank, my word verification is prefun -- I guess that's what we're having now.

Jan Kozlowski said...

Glad I could add a little something to your fabulous blog!

Sandra Parshall said...

Kaye, my post for you may be the full extent of my "blog tour" for Broken Places. :-) I'll have to get it done early... round about the time it's posted here, I'll be recovering from big bad serious life-altering knee surgery, and heaven knows what will happen to my poor book, out there in the world without me.

Patty said...

It should be interesting, your year two, my first official blog post!

My verification word is goill - hopefully not a comment on my participation in your blog. . .

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Happy (blog) birthday. I'm celebrating my first year on Saturday.

What a great line up for 2010. A very impressive list indeed. I'm looking forward to it.

jenny milchman said...

I'm excited and honored both, Kaye! (But if Mr. Child calls and is itching for a spot in February, I'm happy to step aside for a while, you know, for the good of the mystery world and all...)