Monday, November 15, 2010

More retirement stuff

Some of you have asked what I plan on doing once I retire.

First order of business, beginning Tuesday, February 1, 2011 will be a bit of R&R.

But I am going to need an office.  Right?!

After working in an office environment for so many years, I can't just all of a sudden NOT have an office.

Well - I have two new offices.

Both at home, so I can "work" in my jammies.

Actually, I was going to post these pictures as my last post of the year.  But I'm not a patient sort, and once something pops into my mind it seems to pop right out of my mouth.  Or fingers, as the case may be . . .

I thought it would be appropriate to post them at the end of the year as the cap of our year of office spaces.  So many of you who have been guests this year have (and will continue, hopefully, through the end of the year) sent me pictures of your offices and work spaces.  I've loved seeing them all, and have plans to compile them all into one posting.  It's been a fun thing.

In the meantime - here's my new workspace(s) - - -

Work Space #1

Work Space #2

Oh - I'm sure the offices will undergo a few changes, one of which will include a constant flow of flowers and chocolates


With generous amounts of coffee (Good Coffee!) throughout the day.

and lots of playtime with Harley Doodle Barley

AND - an occasional home-cooked meal for Donald !

and we'll all be happy little campers !

well, you might remember me telling you   -  I'm really not such a great cook . . . . 


Mason Canyon said...

Love your post and the photos are wonderful. I especially love your office space #2. BTW, I like the date of your first order of business (Feb. 1) - a very good date, my birthday. :)

Thoughts in Progress

Peg Brantley said...

I did happen to notice that the bowl was empty. Just before I noticed the linear alignment on the refrigerator. You did that for the photo, right?

My primary writing space goes through minimal changes, but my secondary is only good for a few months out of the year. Cold and snow are not exactly accomodating, although I must admit, I haven't tried layers . . . hmmm.

Unknown said...

We'll just have to send you and Donald care package meals. I love your spaces. Looks like you'll be snug as the proverbial bug.

Now, seems like this could be quite productive .... what do you have up your ink-stained sleeve?

Jill said...

Great pictures Kaye! Don't let her fool you...she really is a good cook!

Rachel Brady said...

I love your workspace pictures. The RED in the bedroom is awesome!!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Thanks, everyone!!

Mason - you and I will both be celebrating life events come Feb. 1! How very cool!

Peg - I cannot even believe you noticed the refrigerator alignment!! Sheesh - yes, tidied up for the photo. Of course . . .

Robin - the very first thing up my ink-stained sleeve (i love that!), is participating in another regional anthology with the same editors who did "Clothes Lines." Am I excited? why yes, yes I am!

Jill - oh you (See you Sunday!). Jill, my friends, is the cook. Her mom (another great cook!) taught her well.

Rachel - thank you! I seemed to have suddenly, out of nowhere, discovered the color red a few years ago and can't seem to quit! Furniture, clothes . . . I do love it.

Vicki Lane said...

Perfect workplaces! Aren't laptops wonderful!

Phyllis said...

Loved your post. Donald and Harley will enjoy more of your company. Add red wine to your list of flowers,chocolate, and coffee--good for the body and the soul. And it is the appropriate color. I agree that a home "office" is essential and pjs are the appropriate "work" attire. You have both of those beautifully covered.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

EEK! How did I forget the red wine?! Thanks, Phyllis!! LOL!!!!

Vicki - I can remember when I preferred by desk top computer to a laptop. No more! I love it. And for trips, it's my iPad.

Andews Hayes said...

I like your office space #1. 'Coz it's very unusual to work while you're still in bed. Regardless, you get to work more comfortably when you're on your bed, right? Anyway, keep on enjoying your retirement!