Thursday, November 4, 2010

Retirement - #2

When we first moved to Boone in 1997,  I didn't have a job.  When applying for a mortgage, I was listed as a "trailing, unemployed spouse."  ouch.

I didn't rush out to look for a job right away.  There were too many things that needed done; boxes unpacked (books!), arranging furniture (and books), hanging shelves and installing bookcases (lots of books!), rearranging the furniture (and books).  Getting to know the town a little.  Spending playtime with my mom. 

But after awhile, I knew I needed to find a job.  We needed to eat (and pay that mortgage), and I was beginning to get a little bored.  It's a little house and there are only so many ways to rearrange furniture (and books) after all.

So.  I put in an application at ASU, and while visiting the Human Resources Department, I made one of my very first friends in Boone.  His name is Daniel.  Then, lo and behold, my first real job in Boone ended up being in the Human Resources Dept. and Daniel and I worked together, and became close friends.  (this was actually my second job at ASU.  My first job lasted one day.  Another story for another day.  Maybe.  Hmmm - maybe not.).

Today at 8 a.m., I went back to Human Resources and signed my retirement papers.

AND stopped by for a little visit with my friend Daniel.  It just seems right that he be one of the first people to wish me well in my retirement, since he was one of the first people to welcome me here.  Everything that goes around comes around.  I just love my friend Daniel. 

I know, I know.  You spotted that comment about getting bored when we first got here and I wasn't working.

Will I get bored this go 'round?


I don't know.


But I don't think so.  Since then, I've discovered blogging (in a big way, obviously!)  and some things have happened fairly recently that have me reassessing "things."  I think I'm now ready for retirement.  I think I'll manage my time better than I did back then. And if I find I haven't learned to do that, I'm going to work on it quick-snap.  And I'm no longer bothered by that tacky "trailing, unemployed spouse" tag.  (harumph).


Well - I'm going to rest.  And I'm going to read.  And blog.  And try to learn to cook again (that'll make Donald awfully happy!).  

And I'm hoping to be able to take some classes.  I'd like to go back to Cheap Joe's Art Stuff to take another mixed media/collage class like I did a couple summers ago.  

And I'd like to take an on-line memoir writing class - anyone have some suggestions about this?!  And then -

Who knows!

It's my next great adventure and I'm excited about whatever it might bring.  Rest assured  -  you'll be hearing about it.


Clea Simon said...

Best of luck in your retirement - I deeply suspect you'll be as busy as ever, just doing something else! (Or several somethings else!)

Rachel Brady said...

Congratulations, Kaye. I like the use of "quick-snap" here quite a lot! :) And I'm glad you have a good friend like Daniel to keep you up to speed on all the things you might feel like you're missing. But, like Clea, I suspect you won't be missing those tasks too much. Here is to your next chapter!

bo parker said...

The best moment of retirement comes on that first Monday morning. You can remain in bed and know that the money will still go to the bank without any effort on your part.
But Clea is correct. It's one of those dirty little secrets about retirement. You will now have time to "see" all the things about the house and yard that need doing, things that you never had time to notice before.
The lament, at about the six-month mark, will be, "Lord, I need to find a job so I can get some rest."
But as one who has spent fifteen years trying to catch up on all the neglected chores, I can say it still beats punching a time clock every day.
Best of luck.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on your second retirement. Some how I think you will be busier this time around.

Thoughts in Progress

Shirley Wetzel said...

Thanks to your retirement post, I was forced to check out Cheap Joe's & bought a bunch of art stuff for my very talented granddaughters. I do envy you ... I feel like I did as a kid, I want the years - the next 2 minus 7 weeks, anyway - to pass quickly so I too can be among the Ladies of Leisure. Not that you will be at leisure, you'll be doing all kinds of fun things :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your retirement, Kaye!


Earl Staggs said...

Kaye, Darlin', I love your attitude as you turn a new page in the book of life. You're going to love it, I know, and will find many neat and fun things to do.

I also, btw, like the part about taking a memoir course. Get that baby started asap. You already have an editor for it, you know.

Bobbi Mumm said...

If I've learned anything about you, Kaye, it's that you make life full and fun for yourself and everyone in contact with you. Congratulations!

Vicki Lane said...

I know you'll find there's even more to do in retirement than you could have imagined! We'll be waiting for that memoir...

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for dropping by.

Clea - several somethings, I think. I hope I don't just discover the joys of daytime TV! (that did happen when I wasn't working before - I seem to be addicted to Days of Our Lives).

Rachel - thank you! "quick-snap" is fun, isn't it?! I have no idea where I picked it up, but I'm sure I read it somewhere (probably a mystery).

Bo - I expect you are absolutely right! I do have a hard time with Monday mornings. I am SO looking forward to being able to stay up as late as I want on Sunday nights. Yay!!!!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Mason, I think you're right. I HOPE you're right. If I start getting lazy, send me back here to read this note, please!

Shirley. Girl! You would adore Cheap Joe's store! You need to come to Boone. We'll go. It is a wonderful store, run by a terrific, talented, inspiring group of folks - headed up by Joe Miller who is a wonderful artist. Believe me - your next 2 years, minus 7 weeks is gonna fly by!

Brenda, hey! Thank you!!!!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Earl - YOU, my friend, are the one I have to thank for all this,you know. I remember our emails swapping memories and sharing stories about Maryland back when we first met and now look. I can't seem to shut up!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

oh, Bobbi. you made me a little teary, sweetie. Thank you. You ALWAYS say the nicest things!

Vicki - Thank you! Now tell me - is there someone who teaches an on-line class in memoir writing you might recommend?

Aubrey Hamilton said...

Like everyone else, I am confident you will find many many ways to fill your days and they will be as meaningful, perhaps more so, than regular paid employment. And here's a link to an online class in memoir writing offered by the Gotham Writers' Workshop: