Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life is Good

Yesterday was a very good day.  

While we were getting ready to leave for Asheville, Donald hollered up the steps that we had sheep in the yard.  


And we did.

You've seen pictures here of Little Deer - the little guy who comes to call every couple of weeks and allows us to pet him and check out his small velvet nubs which will eventually be a gorgeous rack of antlers. 

So - some days there's a deer in the yard,

along with the parade of roosters and chickens that comes up the bank from a neighbor's house to scratch around our pond practically every day.  (no pictures yet - but coming soon . . . )

Yesterday it was two sheep and a goat. (There's a major discussion taking place in my email box with folks debating whether one of these critters is a sheep or a goat.  A discussion which I'm steering clear of; not being well versed in sheep OR goats until these kids showed up for the first time yesterday.  And back again today.  I'm thinking the animal community has put out the word that the Barley House might be the latest hot spot for wildlife to hang out.  anyhooooo - the critter that doesn't look exactly like the other two easily recognized sheep has a face that is similar, but different.  His/Her (?) fur is totally different and while their bodies are similar, they too are actually pretty different.  But their legs look the same.  I wish I could just ask him/her what he/she is, but, well, I can't.  So we bask in our ignorance.)

Harley, of course, thought this was all about him - to help hone his herding skills, perhaps.

Although, truth be told, he does a pretty good job of keeping those skills completely up to date by using Donald and I as his herding subjects.  He doesn't nip at our heels like some herders do, but he's not above using his nose in an aggressive manner and giving us a few good pokes and shoves to get us where he thinks we should be.

Once Harley had convinced the critters that we had places to go, they sauntered off and we went our merry way to Asheville to the Meet and Greet for the women who contributed to the new regional anthology edited by Celia Miles and Nancy Dillingham - WOMEN'S SPACES WOMEN'S PLACES: from 50 WNC Women Writers.

Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of WOMEN'S SPACES WOMEN'S PLACES or CLOTHES LINES, should drop Celia an email.  She is the keeper of the copies and will get one in the mail to you.  Her address is: 

They will be available in some local North Carolina independent bookstores, but not at amazon.

I've been smitten with the cover art since Celia sent me an email with a photo of it.  Isn't it just the most inviting, peaceful spot ever??  THE perfect cover for this particular book.

The artist is Karen Hollingsworth.  This is an oil on canvas painting entitled "Connected."   From WSWP, "Karen Hollingsworth is known for her unique light, airy windowscape paintings.  What attracts many viewers is the mysticism evoked by the movement of the air through the curtains taking you into the mountains or ocean scenes beyond.  She says, "For me, a painting is successful if I wish I were there."  Her paintings are in several galleries including Atlanta and Asheville."  You can see some more of her work here -  She's also at Facebook -

And here's a little more about Celia and Nancy. editors extraordinaire.  Also from WSWP.

"Celia is the author if five novels (Plus one in progress) and two short story collections, co-author of a technical writing textbook and c0-editor of three anthologies, is retired from Asheville-Cuncombe Technical Community College and lives in Asheville. "

"Nancy's poetry, short stories, and commentaries have appeared in various literary journals, newspapers, and magazines including Ashevile Poetry Review, Great Smokies Review, Raleigh News & Observer, Mountain Xpress, WNC Woman, and Fresh.  Her latest book is Home, a collection of poems from March Street Press."

After a lovely event hosted by Celia and Nancy, we had a leisurely drive home, stopping and snapping a few pictures along the way - including Grandfather's profile, 

and had an early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - The Italian Restaurant in Pineola.  And,  ta da - there was enough left over that it will easily take care of dinner for today also and I won't have to cook.  

Life is good.


Patty said...

Lovely post, looks like a great group of women, and you couldn't look more happy if you tried!

Vicki Lane said...

A gorgeous cover indeed! And I love your outfit -- great colors!

Eve Barbeau said...

Kaye, you look absolutely marvelous in that yellow outfit. The book looks good on you too. :-)