Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What to Wear, What to Wear

I love clothes.

I have always loved clothes.

Put me in a cute little shop surrounded by pretty clothes and I am a happy girl.

Mark them down to "Clearance" and I am over the moon.

All things I can thank my mother for.

One of the earliest memories I have of shopping is being in Frankel's Department Store (owned by Bea Arthur's family)  in Cambridge, MD with my mom trying on clothes.  And I mean I was a teeny thing.  And - the distinct honor being a model in one of Frankel's fashion shows at the Cambridge Yacht Club.

(that's me with the really short hair - some things just never change!)

We have some events coming up and I am putting myself through the wringer trying to decide what to wear.

Coming up this Saturday is the "Meet and Greet" in Asheville for "Women's Spaces Women's Places from 50 Western North Carolina Women Writers."

I have to admit, even though I love pretty clothes, my first inclination is to almost always put on a pair of jeans, a white shirt and my cowgirl boots.  It's what I'm most comfortable in.

But some days, for some things, that's just not quite the look I'm in the mood for.  Or - it's just not right.

Saturday will not be a blue jean kinda day.  That would just be wrong.

Linen pants or long flowy skirt or sundress?  A tank, Tshirt, cotton shirt, or linen shirt - white or . . .  And then there's the shoes. . . .

This will be a group of women I have great admiration for.  Smart, talented, creative women who have contributed to this lovely anthology.  I already feel like a fraud being included, so I for sure don't want to wear the wrong thing.  So, a little summer frock, I think.  A long flowy cotton skirt and cute linen blouse.  Got it covered (I think).  Or wait.  Maybe that adorable long print sundress . . .

Next up is vacation.  Oy.

Linen pants and cute, nice fitting jeans.   Long skirts and sundresses.   Tanks, Tshirts, cotton shirts, and linen shirts - white and . . .  And then there's the shoes.  

I'm not a person who ever learned how to pack properly for a trip (my friend Dindy is the expert in that area - the woman should give packing lessons.  for real).  I always take way too much.  But, you know, you get where you're going and the weather is different than you thought it would be.  You realize you might be over-dressed compared to everyone else (what's worse than being over-dressed?!  EEK!), or you just simply change your mind.  So right now our bedroom looks like the closet exploded.  Clothes are everywhere - hanging on doors, draped across the bed - and sadly, some things have escaped the bedroom and are hanging in the living room.  It's not the stretch it might seem - we have a very small house, but still . . .

We'll be spending a casual Friday evening for dinner and drinks with the Class of '66.  Then, the following day, an all day outdoor picnic - band included - at a classmate's home on the river.  What to wear, What to wear . . .

Linen pants or cute, nice fitting jeans.   Long skirt or sundress.  A tank, Tshirt, cotton shirt, or linen shirt - white or . . .  And then there's the shoes.

Our reunions happen fairly often.  At least every 5 years, but we were all actually together just a couple years ago.  We threw ourselves a 60th birthday party.  We're a close-knit group and can come up with some very good excuses to get together, so it's not as though I'm worrying about what sort of impression I'll make.  These are people who have known me since the cradle and see me fairly often.  Whatever the impression is, it was made long ago, and, without a doubt, carved in stone by now.  But you know - you just want to look nice.  And be comfortable.  The older I get the more important that comfort thing becomes, but looking nice is still high on the list.

And next up is the family reunion.  Oy.

I'll be seeing cousins I haven't seen in 40 or 45 years!

I can hardly wait!

And I'll be meeting their kids.

And THEIR kids!

Linen pants or cute, nice fitting jeans.   Long skirt or sundress.  A tank, Tshirt, cotton shirt, or linen shirt - white or . . .  And then there's the shoes.

Now, I know we're going to have the best time ever at this event.  The Wilkinson family knows how to have a good time.  If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that there will be lots and lots of laughter.  And probably a tear or two for the aunts and uncles who are no longer with us.  Clothes aren't that big a deal in the big picture of things.  But still.  You just want to look your best.

And next up?  The Wedding.

One of our nephews will be getting married this summer.  To THE cutest little gal you have ever seen.  Cute, sweet, smart and will be a lovely addition to the family.

Oddly enough - the whole "What To Wear, What To Wear to The Wedding" dilemma has (I think) been resolved.

A darling "little black dress" for the rehearsal dinner, and an adorable short poppy red silk dress with 3/4 length sheer sleeves for the wedding.  But wait - do I get a new hat??  and then there's the shoes  . . . .

You know - you just want to look your best.


Gina Gilmore said...

remember that cute little "dress" at the Rock'nRoll shop in Boone..that would be darling for the reception...I think you should go get that..and some cute red sandals to go with it. And a pedicure.

Gina Gilmore said...

I think that cute little "dress" from the Rock 'n Roll shop that you had posted a picture of...that would be perfect. Add some cute sandals - with a fresh pedicure..and you'll rock!!

N. J. Lindquist said...

Love the red dress!

Hmm. we seem to have a lot in common.

By the time II was 8 or 9, I was designing clothes for my paper dolls and later made clothes for my real dolls. My mother was very fussy about her clothes. And my dad actually owned a clothing store. I was helping pick clothes at the wholesales when I was 12 or so.

Right now, I have a black tie Awards Gala tomorrow night (just got a call from an editor re what she called a "trivial question" - what she should wear. I said that is not trivial! :)) and a 3-day writers conference where I'm teaching, so I have to dress right.

Always pack too much, but as you said, things change!

But my favourite outfit is also my jeans, a shirt and one of my 5 pair of cowgirl books. :)

Julie Hyzy said...

Kaye, you'll be stunning, no matter what you wear. Your lovely face and vivacious personality are all the accoutrements you ever need!

Bobbi Mumm said...

Oh, but aren't those the fun choices in life! And you have your toned Curves body to put into those clothes. Sounds like a wonderful summer ahead, Kaye! You'll be FABULOUS, Dah-ling...

Jill said...

Love your red dress! I am sure that you will look fabulous in whatever you choose! I do love that skirt in your photo!

Anonymous said...


What a fun post to end the day. I go for white linen at the class reunion. The only problem with linen, darn it, is that it wrinkles and gets that lived-in look about 15 minutes after you put it on. But wear it anyway. It has a wonderful "Great Gatsby" look. And for that one night at least you can be Gatsby's light at the end of the pier.
Have a great time!
Pat Browning