Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I mourn for what we've become

This cop used a choke hold that the department he works for outlawed and the incident is recorded on video. The coroner ruled it a homicide. And yet, no indictment? I need someone to explain this to me, please.

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Mary MS said...

We watch in shock. I keep thinking that within our own communities communication has to begin. There is such a lack of understanding. We need to bridge gaps. My heart hurts for people of color (POC); I feel the work has to start white people to white people. Too many of we who are white don't get white privilege, don't understand how deeply poverty effects and that POC have to deal with layers upon layers of difficulties, lack of opportunities, and their lives being threatened just to walk down the street. I hope the visibility of so many recent deaths of POC (including children) by white police officers will motivate effort to create a meaningful difference - long-term. I think it has to begin in our own communities.