Friday, December 19, 2014

Thank You

Usually, around this time of the year, I have already sent out invitations to folks inviting them to be a guest blogger in the upcoming year.  I had a note from someone yesterday wondering if they had missed their invite.  It never dawned on me to send a note to everyone explaining we weren't going to be doing a calendar for guest blogs next year - I apologize!!!
It's been a delightfully long run of pretty awesome guests, but has run its course, I think.
The first Meanderings and Muses post was July 25, 2008.

The first Meanderings and Muses guest blog was January 11, 2009.

And thus began the tradition of guests.  A guest list which has been an impressive line up, if I do say so myself - including:

Avery Aames
Megan Abbott
Patti Abbott
Victoria Abbott
Suzanne Adair
Ellery Adams
Riley Adams
Michael Alatorre
Tasha Alexander
Lou Allin
Beth Anderson
Patty Anderson
Susan Anderson
Donna Andrews
Maggie Barbieri
Donald Barley
Wendy Bartlett
Cara Black
Rachel Brady
Peg Brantley
Duffy Brown
Pat Browning
Brenda Buchanan
Julia Buckley
Robin Burcell
Lucy Burdette
Alafair Burke
Tony Burton
Sarah Byrne
Bill Cameron
Dana Cameron
Chester Campbell
Lillian Stewart Carl
Cathy Lee Carper
Toni McGee Causey
Diane Chamberlain
Joelle Charbonneau
Laura Childs
Jane Cleland
Stacey Cochran
Mark Coggins
Jeff Cohen
P.J. Coldren
Meredith Cole
Reed Farrel Coleman
Alan Cook
Thomas H. Cook
E.J. Copperman
Gary Corby
Shelley Costa
Cleo Coyle
Elizabeth Spann Craig
Bill Crider
Deborah Crombie
Lonnie Cruse
Evelyn David
Hilary Davidson
Krista Davis
Mark De Castrique
Vicki Delany
Deni Dietz
Nan Dillingham
Julie Dolcemaschio
Alice Duncan
Carola Dunn
J.T. Ellison
Hallie Ephron
Linda Fairstein
Nancy Peterson Farina
Robert Fate
Gerrie Ferris Finger
Barbara Fister
Jen Forbus
Barbara Fradkin
Shelly Fredman
Leighton Gage
Kate Gallison
Kaye George
Shane Gericke
Gina Gilmore
Debra Ginsberg
Chris Grabenstein
Andrews Grant
Judith Greber
Beth Groundwater
Carolyn Haines
Tim Hallinan
Denise Hamilton
R.J. Harlick
Rosemary Harris
Libby Fischer Hellman
Sara J. Henry
Sasscer Hill
Beth Hoffman
Judy Hogan
Lesa Holstine
Julie Hyzy
Coco Ihle
Roberta Isleib
Dean James
Nancy Lynn Jarvis
Craig Johnson
Larry Karp
Toni L.P. Kelner
Dana King
Vicki Lane
Bob Levinson
Ken Lewis
N. J. Lindquist
Mary Jane Maffini
Victoria Maffini
Morgan Mandel
Margaret Maron
Nancy Martin
Ashley McConnell
Jenn McKinlay
Marilyn Meredith
Jenny Milchman
Celia Miles
Robin Minnick
Donna Moore
Bobbi Munn
Tim Myers
Patricia Neeley-Dorsey
Radine Trees Nehring
Kris Neri
Scott Nicholson
Doris Ann Norris
Karen Olson
Mike Orenduff
Alan Orloff
Ann Parker
Bronson L. “Bo” Parker
Brad Parks
Sandra Parshall
Louise Penny
Twist Phelan
Dee Phelps
Neil Plakcy
Jonathan Quist
Cornelia Read
Mary Reed
Gillian Roberts
L.J. Roberts
Chris Roerden
Carolyn Rose
S.J. Rozan
Janet Rudolph
Sandra Ruttan
Hank Phillippi Ryan
Karen Schinder
Brandon Seidl
L.J. Sellers
Sarah Shaber
Deborah Sharp
Zoe Sharp
Andi Shechter
Clea Simon
Joanne Campbell Slan
Ben Small
April Smith
Sylvia Dickey Smith
Alexandra Sokoloff
Robin Spano
Earl Staggs
Kelli Stanley
Patricia Stoltey
Niki Strandskov
Pari Noskin Taichert
Marcia Talley
Kathleen Taylor
Pattie Tierny
Elaine Viets
Miranda Phillips Walker
Robert Walker
Kathryn Wall
Mary Welk
Melinda Wells
Jeri Westerson
Molly Weston
Shirley Wetzel
Leslie Wheeler
Sharon Wildwind
Michael Wiley
Simon Wood
Nancy Means Wright
Elizabeth Zelvin

Oh, Lordy - if I have missed anyone or spelled someone's name wrong, blame it on holiday stress (or whatever).  Just let me know, please, so I can fix it!

Not only has Meanderings and Muses had a great list of guest bloggers, I've had some fun and insightful commenters.  Oddly enough, more of the comments have been sent to me directly rather than in the posts, which means I've gotten to know some of you quite well over the years.  You all enrich my life and I thank you.

It was fitting, I think, for Lesa to have been the final guest blogger, as she's one of those who's been here from the beginning.  When I start looking at the names and see how many have come back every year, I'm quite gratified.

When I took a wild chance and sent out that first email inviting guests to come to Meanderings and Muses, I had no idea what I was doing.  

Minutes after hitting "send" I started fretting.  

I mean fretting like you would not believe.

I had gone so far out on a limb inviting some of the people I invited, I have no idea where the nerve came from for me to do that.

How embarrassing it would be for all those people to receive this audacious note and me not receive a single acceptance. 

Instead, within those few minutes, the responses came pouring in.  And next thing I knew I had a year's worth of guests scheduled.

As things go, I ended up going from one guest a month, to a guest a week.  Then it was two guests a week, often with a third squeezed in.

We visited authors' spaces. 

We met authors' pets.

We had conversations with 2 or 3 folks at a time.

We had people open their hearts to share good news, and some bad.

We've cried tears of joy and tears of pain.

And we've slowed down considerable on the guest posts while I've been writing.

But - Meanderings and Muses is still here.  Different, but still here.

You've "listened" while I've ranted, and didn't leave me alone while I cried.  And you've laughed with me. 

You've read what I've written, and allowed me to share my opinions about books, politics, mean people and everything else under the sun.

You've allowed me to share my photography attempts, and stories about my family, my husband and my dog.

You've supported me through publishing two pieces in regional anthologies, a novel and helping Harley write his book.

Hopefully, there will be more of all that in our future.

The guest posts, sadly, are ending with Lesa's.

No more sending out that calendar at the end of the year asking what date(s) guests would like.

It's was a lovely and fun thing, but time to move on, I think.
Some of the guests have mentioned seeing a spike in sale while and immediately following their visits. 
Many are still getting hits for posts they did several years ago.
While most posts have gotten an average of 350 - 400 hits, some have been much, much higher.  The "winner" in the category of highest number of hits is Toni McGee Causey for a piece she did in 2010 - "Positive and Negative Spaces."  It still being discovered and read today and has received close to 4,000 hits.

A lot of you know I have fought with exactly what Meanderings and Muses should be since Day One.  Silly me.  Meanderings and Muses is, always has been, and always will be whatever the day might bring.  It is what it is.  That's what it will continue to be. 

But from now on we'll have no calendar to help us get through the year.  We'll continue taking pictures, reading and talking about books, politics, food, music, the news, and whatever pops into my mind.

It's worked for almost seven years, we'll be here till I run out of things to talk about.

And, truth be told, I think you'll still see a guest here from time to time.

Someone, after all, might have a new book coming out they'll want to tell you about.  We'll see.

In the meantime, I hope you'll continue to drop by.  Some days, I'll be here, some days I won't.  But I'll always be lurking just around the corner, soon to appear once again.

And again,

and again.


Anonymous said...

Kaye, what a wonderful accomplishment!!! Be proud of your own gifts! Thelma Straw in Manhattan

Libby Dodd said...

Well done and well said.
Keep us guessing. We love it.