Friday, May 8, 2015

Scanning My Way Down Memory Lane

Today I went back to a project I had started a few years back, but dropped before I finished.

Scanning old photos.

Some of these photos were taken many years before I was born.

Some when my parents were both itty bitty.

My dad's family was obviously much more into preserving family moments than my mom's family, but I do have some treasures, I must say.

The problem with this project is that I get so wrapped up in looking at the photos - albums and albums full of photos - that I have actually forgotten to scan some of the pictures.

Which means, I'll be making another sweep through them all to capture those I'm missing this round.

One of the photos I ran across today is one I had forgotten. 

I may have forgotten the photo, but I remember this day so vividly.

1983 - Me sitting at a table writing in Piraeus. Greece shortly before we boarded a boat.

We didn't know what boat, or where it might be going.

We just wandered around the docks, got on the first one that had room for us and was leaving soon.

We ended up on the island of Chios.

My traveling buddy for this trip, Michael Dean, is no longer with us.

Lost to AIDS not too many years after our trip.

He was a very close friend, dear to my heart, treated like a son by my parents and he took me on many great adventures.

I miss him every day.

This photo scanning project has been a bit of an emotional ride.

Time to stop for the day, methinks, and return to the memories tomorrow.

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