Friday, October 2, 2015

Guns - Oh, GOD, How I Hate Them

The NRA, while once a reasonable voice regarding responsible gun ownership, is now nothing more than an evil entity fighting tooth and nail to boost profits for gun manufacturers.  Only my opinion, of course.  But no one's ever going to change it - don't bother trying.  I've already heard all the arguments.  They make me weary.  They're bullshit.

They're also, in my opinion, lining a lot of pockets buying votes to that end.  How many people now running for office are talking about the epidemic of mass shootings in this country?  
I want to hear what they've got to say. 

I want to hear a whole lot more than "our prayers are with the families of the slain."

And before any of you start shouting about the second amendment, I'm just going to say how very tired I am of so many leaving out a vital part of it while spouting off about the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  What on earth does carrying a gun when you're out taking a walk in nature,  or going to a movie, or going to a grocery store, a restaurant or a school  have to do with a well-regulated militia?!  Tell me, please.  It does say, after all,  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

You know those nights when you know there's no use in even closing your eyes? When you're sad, angry, frustrated about how things are but know there's just not much you can do to change them.  I had one of those last night.  I'm sure many of us did.

But as sad and angry and frustrated as we were, can you even begin to imagine how the parents and the loved ones of those killed and injured in yesterday's shooting felt?

Guns. I can remember when I really didn't give them much thought. You know, like liver and onions.  They were just part of the world out there that just didn't infringe on or even nudge into my own world.  They were just "there."  Something a little distasteful, but I didn't have to waste any energy thinking about them.  Now? Now I loathe the very thought of them. I don't much see that feeling ever changing.

Throw your best arguments at me.  They're not going to touch me.  My eyes will finally just glaze over because the weight of all the words - NOT the justification you think is behind them - will have me walking away.  The arguments are all worthless until this country actually does something to stop the violence that we do NOT see in other countries.  Sorry.  Worthless.  Just.  Worthless.

Tell it all to the mothers and fathers of the murdered children.

They won't thank you for the logical arguments.

Tell me what other country is comprised of citizens who shoot one another sitting in a movie theater.  

In a school?

We have become a country of barbarians.  Ruled by a governing body that does not care, as long as they can line their own pockets with blood money from the NRA.

Is our next step going to be issuing guns to newborns?  Prepare them to live in a culture ruled by guns?

Oh yes - I know there are kind, decent, loving people here.  I know them.  I love them.

But there's a whole element of people who have joined the less civilized amongst us and have to strap on a gun before going on a walk, to a movie, the grocery store, a restaurant.  A school.


For protection you say?


From those other people who also strapped on a gun to go for a walk, to a movie, the grocery store, a restaurant.  A school.

How do you tell the good guys carrying a gun from the bad guys carrying a gun?

Which one means harm? 

Which one means to gun us all down?

Do we also don a hat as we walk out the door with our guns?  White for the good guys - Black for the bad guys?

We've become a society where some people actually believe they can't leave the house without their gun.  

For protection.

God help us.

A sad spot to be #1, but . . . there we are USA





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