Thursday, October 22, 2015


Life goes on after you close someone you love.

Of course it does - we know that.

We all go through it, have gone through it, will go through it again.

But it is different each time.

And the differences for each of us are amazingly wide and varied.

But at the same time can be very much the same.

Those sudden memories that can come back from surprising places.

And they bring with them a smile.


They bring tears.

And somehow, even though we know these feelings are going to come, we're never fully prepared for them when they do.  Or for what they do.

And as a friend of mine said recently, there's not anything anyone can do other than lend a loving ear.

A loving ear.  Isn't that lovely?

It means much and I thank all of you who have held my hand from afar during these posts about my mom and lending me a loving ear.  

The Celebration of Life Service we have planned keeps getting closer and closer.  

Am I ready?



But, friends have stepped up to the plate and have taken pretty much everything out of my hands.

They let me share with them what I hoped for.  And knowing me, and Mother, as well as they do have come up with little details that will make it a perfect day.

Donald and I can never thank John Messer and Vickie Smith enough for being who they are and doing what they do.  And what they're doing to help with Mother's service is actually just the cherry on top of the loveliness of who they are and what they've brought into our lives for many years.

Today I woke up a little blue.

Sitting here on my bed with my coffee and my laptop I was able to visit with people I love through Facebook.  Say what you will about Facebook - it is a connection spot for me that is irreplaceable in my life.  When you have friends who are scattered hither and yon, it's the perfect venue for sharing thoughts.  I have found my Facebook community to be a loving, vital part of my every day life.  I find it extraordinary, really.

After I got beyond the weepies Harley and I took a little walk.

It's such a perfect day I decided to grab my camera, take a ride and take some pictures.

I have taken this same photo hundreds of times over the years.

But I cannot resist it.

This is the view we have driving down our road heading into town.  

It continues to take my breath away, even after 20 years.

When I got into town I was lucky enough to get behind this!


I would have loved to talk to the person pulling this little gypsy caravan, but they apparently had places to go.  How fun to go there, wherever "there" might be in this little piece of heaven.

And I continued into town driving down Boone's main street - King Street.

And was reminded that early voting has started.

I parked my car so I could get out and collect a hug from my friend Loretta Clawson, former mayor of Boone and soon to be a member of the Boone Town Council (fingers crossed!).  Loretta has been an inspiration to me for a lot of years.  She has no idea.  AND -  I even tried to vote.  Only to be reminded that this was a town election.  Since we live outside town limits, we're not eligible.  But I tried!  

Loretta looking who usual lovely self.  Me - no make-up, hair a mess.  oy.  But you know what?  Oh.  Well.

And since the car was all nicely parked, I decided to walk down to Watsonatta for a little visit with my friend Ellen.

Ellen is the woman responsible for my undying love of cowboy boots.

And, now it's home again - a place I love to be.

A little Mother Nature and photo therapy did my heart good.

A little retail therapy helps too.


Thanks, Ellen

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