Saturday, June 18, 2016

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

The original purpose of our recent trip was to attend my 50th high school reunion. 

The trip grew to include some additional activities - meals with some favorite and special friends, and a trip to the beach that included the Ocean City Boardwalk where we ate at many of the very same places I ate when I was walking that boardwalk as a little girl. 

It included a day spent with some much loved cousins who made the trip to Cambridge from Havre de Grace and Pottstown. 

A visit with a favorite aunt, one of my mom's sisters. 

It included a book event with a few of my favorite bookie friends - a lovely new wrinkle in the trip home. 

It was a busy few days walking down a very long and winding memory lane. 

Don Barley got to see more of the Eastern Shore this trip than he ever has. A magical place that I will always, always love. 

But this group of pictures tells a story. Those in the picture and in that room know the story. Those who don't won't see everything it represents, but the production and the laughs that goes into getting this group shot taken at every reunion - every 5 years - is priceless. 

It takes longer to get classmates together for this event than it does to herd cats. 

Then the impossible task of getting everyone to hush, and to smile - well, its just not possible. 

We used to have a professional photographer come and take this shot. I think at this stage all the Eastern Shore professional photographers now say, "No. No. I did this once - never again. Don't call here again." 

So it's up to spouses and partners to capture the moment. There's a strong connection running through this group. A connection that gets stronger as we each get a little older. And, sadly, as we look around and realize how many are no longer with us - and we remember each of them. And lastly, it now takes those of us sitting on the floor much longer than it once did to get back up.

Lots more pictures, lots more stories, lots more memories still to come.  

Stay tuned.

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