Friday, November 11, 2016

To those of you who voted for Trump

Whoa! Those of you who are telling us to calm down.

To be "gracious in our loss?!" 

It's NOT a fucking sporting event. 

Did Republicans calm down quickly after Barack Obama was elected? 

Why, no. No, they didn't - for, um, HOW MANY YEARS did you not calm down?

Good Lord - some of you are still insisting on his birth certificate, for God's sake!  In case you didn't hear, your hero, Trump, finally admitted to not being serious about any of that . . .

How very presidential of him.

And another thing . . . 

To those of you who are so smug in your "get over it" preaching. 

How 'bout you guys "get over" your witch hunt. 

Hillary Clinton has been proven innocent of all the crap thrown at her for more years than some of you have been alive. 

Surely to God, if she were guilty of even one of these charges, she would have been charged, indicted, arrested and thrown into the hoosgow by now. 

So, how bout this? 

"Get over it."

And, oh yeah, there will be lots more of this sort of thing showing up here.

As my friend Greg Herren said this morning, "I plan to treat President Trump with the same level of respect with which President Obama was treated by the Republicans."


Anonymous said...

You aren't alone. I understand totally and get the same thing. It wasn't just any election, it was taking this country backwards. Know there are others facing the same peer pressure to shut up and conform.

Unknown said...

All I have to say is , yes to all you said !!!