Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Upcoming Whimsey Signing

There's not a soul who knows me who's not aware of how very much I love Topsail Island.

Donald and Harley and I have had some fun, lovely, delightful stays.

Harley has romped and rolled in the sand and the surf.

Donald and I have walked a lot of miles on the beach along the waves, and collected a lot of shells.

We've both had some great luck with catching some pretty outstanding photos of sunrises and sunsets, and captured the personality of Topsail.

I've done more than a fair amount of shopping.

And we've had some great meals

But, what, exactly about this island has captured us?

I have no idea.

It's not that different from a lot of other small coastal towns we've visited and stayed.

I've given up trying to explain it, and truth be told - others may not feel the same pull that we do.

The undefinable things about Topsail that charm us may completely elude others.

And actually, that's okay by me 'cause I'd hate to see it become another one of those overbuilt resort type communities.

Oh, how I remember Hilton Head back in the day when you could walk South Beach and never see another living soul. When you could pick up literally hundreds of starfish and sand dollars - unbroken.

And, because we've been going every year for awhile now, we've gotten to know some of the locals.  It's nice walking into a gallery, a restaurant, a bookstore and get a hug from the staff or owner who remembers your name.

So how fun was it to be invited to one of my favorite spots to do a signing?

Sugar Island Bakery is a magical place

Take a look -

This from their webpage - "We are not only a bakery, we’re also a bookstore and a boutique with a smidge of bakery ingredients thrown into the mix.
When you visit our main retail location on Topsail Island, you’ll find books galore in a variety of genres–sci-fi, mysteries, literary fiction, cooking, gardening, romance, children’s, travel, and more! We carry new and used titles. Look for signed copies of books by your favorite local authors.  The bakery counter is a main attraction, sure, but we also have gorgeous jewelry, baby clothes, quilts, pottery, handmade journals, candles, and other delights handcrafted right here in North Carolina. Stop in and see for yourself!"
And I'll be with the Sugar Island folks on Saturday, November 12th for their RETRO WORD FROM THE BIRD Holiday 2016 Show.

Here's what they have to say about my visit - "the magical Kaye Wilkinson Barley will be on sight from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m., signing her significantly Southern, enchanting book “Whimsey”. If you love a light and different read with elements of fairies and love and some characters so real you are pretty sure it’s a true story-you will be SMITTEN with Ms. Barley and “Whimsey”. It’s a great gift for yourself or your whimsical friends! We love Kaye and her corgi!  HOW could I not love Sugar Island Bakery?!

Read more about this fun event and some of the other people you'll see there.

There will be gorgeous holiday linens for sale, books (of course!), pastries (of course!), jewelry AND a beer tasting.  

Did I mention how much I love Sugar Island Bakery?

AND - they will ship directly to your door!  Got a hankering for some tasty treats, or some yummy Cheddar Pigs (homemade cheese crackers with bacon)?

Give Sugar Island Bakery a call.

You can also follow them on Facebook   -

And did I mention that it's next door to one of my favorite little boutiques on God's green earth?  

I never leave Topsail without a cute new dress from Sandy Toes Boutique.

You can follow them on Facebook too.

And - IF you happen to be on or near Topsail Island on November 12th while I'm there - do pop in and say "Hey!"

If you're there any other time, pop in and tell them I asked you to to say "Hey!"

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Kathy Reel said...

You have sold me! How I wish I could be there!