Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Connie Schultz, a personal hero of mine, talks about women over 50

One of the first things I saw this morning while having my coffee and reading Facebook was a post of my friend Lesa's.  

She had shared a post written by Connie Schultz.

If you're not familiar with Connie Schultz, I recommend you seek her out and read some of her work.  


She's a personal hero of mine.  A woman I wasn't aware of until Lesa brought her to my attention some months back (thank you, Lesa!).

From Wikipedia: " She won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for "her pungent columns that provided a voice for the underdog and underprivileged."

Ms. Schultz recently did a Ted Talk, and she wrote this about it on her Facebook page, where she also included the YouTube video of her talk.

This resonates with me.

It speaks to me.


 I have a personal gripe about women who, for some reason that escapes me, when talking about themselves will insert some comment into the conversation about their age. Some self-deprecating remark like, "I'm so old!" 


Why do that?! 

Stop it. 

It's not cute. 

It's not amusing. 

It shows a lack of confidence in yourself. 

And it also appears to be a request for the other person to say, "Oh, no, you're not old!" Or something equally inane. 


You're not 18 any more. 

Do you really WANT to be? 



You're over 50?

So.  What.

You are still quite capable of getting out there doing new things, discovering new things, doing the things that are unique to you.

Do it.

Get out there and kick some ass.

And have some fun doing it.

And, those "I'm so old" comments? 


Stop with the "I'm so old" comments.

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