Saturday, December 10, 2016

'tis the Christmas season

Tonight is our annual neighborhood Christmas party.   
The 20th, I think.  

That's a lot of Christmas parties.

It's always a fun time and one of our favorite neighborhood events.

I have made a trifle, and I have a pork tenderloin resting in an olive oil and rosemary rub before I roast it basted with my "secret sauce."

We eat well, we laugh a lot and we talk.

We talk a lot about a lot of different things.

We don't all agree on everything, but the depth of what we feel for our neighborhood, and for one another, runs deep.

I used to enjoy naively pretending we were a microcosm of our county.


Aside from all that, here's last year's party if you'd like to catch of glimpse of what we're all about here in Meat Camp.

In the meantime, the United States is a mess.

A couple hundred thousand people are planning on being in Washington, DC the after after Donald Trump's inauguration to protest.

To protest him.

After being told they would not be given a permit to protest where the protest was originally planned, it has apparently all been worked out.

The Women's March on Washington, DC will happen as scheduled.

This is good, but.

We shouldn't even have to do this.

We shouldn't have to for a multitude of reasons, least of which is that it's looking more and more like Trump committed treason to win this election.

CIA has evidence that Russia hacked our election in favor of Donald Trump.

There was a lot more outrage over Watergate, and a lot more done about it, and yet there are people who don't even want it investigated??

And, oh yeah, the other candidate - remember her?

 Hillary Clinton? 

She's now leading by how many voties?
2.8 million.
That's more than just a few votes.

President Obama has ordered an investigation into the election related hacking attacks. Some of us believe the hacking happened - some of us do not. Isn't it in the country's best interest to find out for sure whether this happened or not??

You would think the country, as a whole, would want to know the truth.  

Wouldn't you?

But, apparently, there are people living here who would rather not know

Who would rather be under the possible leadership of Russia via Donald Trump than an American woman who received 2.8 million more votes.


This is one of those situations that could never be written as a novel because it's just too unbelievable.  Nobody would buy it.

It's a situation where you feel like saying, "Man, go home.  You're drunk."

But.  This is home. So, you know - you fight for it.

You fight for what's right.

Don't you?

'Cause where else do you go?

This is home.

It's where we celebrate Christmas with our friends and family.



Lesa said...

Kaye, I love the way you put together your friends and the state of the country. I always admire your spirit. Thank you for caring.

Kathleen Hickey said...

Kaye, you give ME hope for this country! Keep on fighting the good fight - you are not alone.