Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sigrid Harald news and Margaret Maron Launch

Are you a Margaret Maron fan?  I'm betting the answer is "YES!"

Have you read her Sigrid Harald series?

I'm guessing many of you have, but if you haven't, the first in the series, "One Coffee With" is available for $0.99 (electronic version) at amazon:

(the following piece about Margaret's launch of the newest (and final) Sigrid Harald novel was originally posted at Jungle Red Writers)

It's always fun to get together with Margaret & Joe Maron, and we always look forward to attending one of Margaret's launches when we're able.

We weren't about to miss the launch for what she says is her last novel, "Take Out."

We met Margaret and Joe, Bren Bonner Witchger, Katy Munger, and Sarah & Steve Shaber for dinner beforehand.

Then walked just a few steps to the new Quail Ridge Books where, as always, a standing room only crowd got to enjoy a fun evening with one of their hometown favorites.

Introduced by store manager, Sarah Goddin

We were treated to a gentle roast (Joe Maron said perhaps it should be referred to as a "braise") of Ms. Maron by three of her friends and writing group.

Katie Munger

And then, champagne was passed around

and a toast was made.

And then we listened to Margaret.

She told a few stories, and did a reading from "Take Out."

She made us laugh a little, and she made us cry just a little too.

She told a story about her very first reading at Quail Ridge for her first novel.  

Margaret and Joe, and son John showed up to a crowd of two.  Nancy Olson - then owner/manager of Quail Ridge and one bookstore employee.

Hard to believe, huh?

Her books now total 33, I think, including two collections of short stories, and her signing events draw several hundred people.

After speaking, she signed books.

A lot of books.

And almost every single person in the long line had a connection to Margaret.

Either a very personal connection, or one developed through a love of her work.

And Margaret, always gracious, always kind, always generous and always happy to see her readers, spent a little time chatting with each and every one.

And she always has time for a fan who wants a picture.

I can't say enough about Margaret Maron.

I adore her.

She's an MWA Grand Master, winner of several major American awards for mysteries (Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, Macavity), her works are on the reading lists of various courses in contemporary Southern literature and have been translated into 16 languages. She has served as president of Sisters in Crime, the American Crime Writers League, and Mystery Writers of America.

In 2004, she received the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for best North Carolina novel of the year. In 2008, she was honored with the North Carolina Award for Literature. (The North Carolina Award is the state’s highest civilian honor.) In 2013, she was named a Grand Master by Mystery Writers of America for lifetime achievement. In 2016, she was inducted into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame.

And Don Barley caught a few very good shots, as usual.  

 he even managed to catch a shot or two of my new shoes!

Steve and Sarah Shaber are a delight!

And here's the Maron family - 

Joe with son John & his wife Andrea, and daughters Julia and Natalie, joined by friend Viktor Agabekov

And to top off a special night, it was made even more special for me to get to spend a little time visiting with friends.

Doreen Weaton

Karen Kiley

and Prentiss Garner

They all seemed a wee bit disappointed not to meet Annabelle, however.

So, here she is . . . 

This was my first visit to the new Quail Ridge. 

It is gorgeous!

I'm going to make a special trip back to Raleigh just to spend an entire day browsing the shelves.

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