Friday, July 21, 2017

The Women's March Six Months Later

July 21st is the 6th month anniversary of the largest mass mobilization in the history of the world, The Women’s March. To honor this day The Resistance Revival Chorus took over Times Square to sing songs of protest. With thousands of tourists looking on, unsure what was happening, the Chorus aimed to inspire people to action and to keep fighting in the Resistance.

I was in DC 6 months ago, today. 

Along with other Boone, NC friends - some of whom I did not know until that day - Pat TaylorAmber Dollyhigh-KwongTodd CarterMelissa WeddellErin Bell Dickson (who'd I miss?!), and a pocket full of paper with friends' names who were marching right along with me.

It was a day I will be proud of forever.

And I'm especially proud that it's a march that keeps growing in what it's accomplishing.

It was no "One Day March."

It was an important kick-off to a movement against the things that need to change in this country.

And change, they will.

Not overnight, but we're in it for the long haul.

There are things being done every single day.  

If you haven't already, put this webpage on your daily "to do" list -

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