Tuesday, July 3, 2018

4th of July - What are YOUR plans?

In response to the crazy conservative person whose name I refuse to even utter who's trying to spread the ridiculous rumor about liberals planning the start of a civil war on July 4th. 

There have been SO many clever responses. 

Here's a few:

Liberal Arts Professors Platoon. There will be reading, essay assignments, & CRITICAL THINKING.

Canadian Reserve Grammar division forces. Our motto: “Sorry. It’s you’re”

34th Sarcasm Airborne

Comfortable Shoe Division reporting for duty

The League of Militant Librarians. We will come armed with words and books. Ignorance will fall before us.

Watch out for the 43rd soccer moms. They can organize AND STAY HYDRATED

I've decided to gather my little family into a mini-battalion and we shall call ourselves The Fried Chicken First Airborne Camera Mountaineers.

Never start a war without eating first. 

And never forget your camera! 


Maybe we'll just call this another 4th of July picnic.

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