Wednesday, July 11, 2018

So, there. . .

How do I feel about members of Trump's administration, former members of his administration and members of congress being approached and yelled at by people who are disgusted by them and their destruction of democracy and of this country's very foundation?

 Their treatment of small children? 

The elderly? 




Raping the poor and middle class to make the rich even richer? 

Stealing health care and social security? 

I say good. 

Shout it loud and shout it proud. 

Perhaps if people had felt so moved to yell at Nazis early on instead of following the "law" instead of what was morally right we would not have had all those years of innocent people being murdered. 

I'm sorry, but I don't think this is the time for being nice and mannerly. 

These people are no better than those nazis and many of them are proud of that fact.

The following was shared on my Facebook wall.  Sadly, I do not know who the author is.  If anyone does, I'd appreciate knowing.

“Nope. Not feeling a wee bit sorry for anyone in this administration getting 86'd out of a restaurant and not being 'allowed to eat their meal in peace.'
Can a woman enter a Planned Parenthood in peace?
Can a Muslim ride the train in peace?
Can a black teen walk home at night in peace?
Can a trans woman use the restroom in peace?
Can black girls use a community pool in peace?
Can a Latino ride the subway in peace?
Can a black girl sell water on a hot day in peace?
Can an LGBT couple show PDA in peace?
Can a black family have a BBQ in the park in peace?
Can a Muslim worship at a Mosque in peace?
Can an attractive woman [edit: any woman] walk down the sidewalk in peace?
Can a Jewish person walk home from Shabbat in peace?
Can a kid go to school in peace?
Can a woman have a prescription filled in peace?
Can an LGBT couple shop for wedding cakes in peace?
Can they?

Then, no. They don't get to eat their dinner in peace while most of us are living in fear because of the racist dog whistles, Nazi propaganda, white nationalism, pathological lying, misogyny, homophobia, and hurtful policies of this administration.

We don't have to be violent, and we shouldn't ever be, but we can certainly peacefully protest THEIR privilege of peace."

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