Monday, November 12, 2018

Hip hop hooray!

i have been remiss in sharing news about my "hip healing gig" as a friend refers to it. 

The hip is coming along. 

Better every day, but it was a slow start.

 There was more damage than originally thought, and I have a very impressive 6" incision scar.

 Still a ways to go, but SO much better than I even imagined just 2 weeks ago. And yes, I am doing my PT exercises as directed.

I am not quite up to dancing on tables yet, but getting there. 

I have tossed my cane aside, for the most part. (Anyone here old enough to remember when Oral Roberts had a TV show?  He would smack people in the head <hard!> And tell "HEAL!" < loudly!> And once crippled folk would throw their crutches into the air and literally dance and run off the stage back to their much overcome loved ones). It hasn't been quite so dramatic here.

Thank you all for all for the good wishes!

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