Tuesday, November 27, 2018

just do it. Or don't.

For years and year and years and years women have debated whether they wanted to allow their hair to go natural, or color it.  (This same discussion happens regarding women wearing or not wearing make-up too, but I'm 70, I just had my hip replaced, I only have the energy for one "discussion" at a time . . .  so insert the gripe of your choice). 

The "discussion" ALWAYS ends up with someone(s) getting their back up.

WHY are some women insistent that you MUST color your hair?

Why are some insistent that natural is the ONLY way to go?

WHY is your way the ONLY way?

oh,  Bull.  Shit.


Color it.

Or don't.

Be a brazen brunette.

Or a ravishing redhead.

Or a Barbie blond.

Who cares?

Emmylou silver.

Rose-gold or lavender streaks.



Bald as a baby's butt.

Long or short.

Do what you will,

Do what you want.

But Sweet Jesus, let others do for themselves without you butting in.

I've had to listen to "who wants hair the color of a sweatshirt?"

I've had to listen to "don't you miss your red hair?"

I've had good "friends" say "your hair looked SO much better short."

Did I ask your opinion?  


You know - I think everyone who knows me knows exactly, unequivocally, without a doubt, abso-fucking-lutely, just how I feel about unsolicited advice.

In this age of women (supposedly) supporting other women

WHY is this even a thing?

Wear age in-appropriate  (whatever that means) clothes if you're comfortable and you feel as though they look good.

Wear CFM stilettos if you want - OR orthopedic shoes if you choose.

But here's my last word on all this.

I do exactly as I wish and I wish you would too.


Kathy Reel said...

I absofuckinglutely agree with this. Hahaha! I still color my hair in a reddish tint because I just want red hair, dammit. I see plenty of women who look so beautiful with their hair naturally gray or white or silver, but I just don't trust my hair to look good natural yet. I know that one day, I will. But, who cares if somebody colors their hair or not. It doesn't affect anyone else, so it's a choice for that person alone.

Linda Brue said...

You go, Kaye! I'm with you on this one, all the way. My hair started to go gray in my 30s, and while I hated it then, I'm fine with it now. I do wish I wasn't bald in front, though. I have my hair cut very short, because there is so little of it left, and it looks horrible longer because it's so thin. I used to have long hair down to my waist, and everyone always says I looked so much better then, and so like a boy now. Of course I looked better then, I wasn't OLD!