Saturday, August 3, 2019

a racist is a racist is a racist

Here's the thing. 

We all know people who will look you dead in the eye and declare vehemently that they are not bigots.



If you've paid attention to them over the years, you've seen the little cracks. 

Those off-hand remarks. 

Sly, but telling. 

And now, because of Chief Racist Rapist they're becoming braver and slimier. 

Because they truly believe that because of the color of their skin they're "better." 

Those well-dressed, educated folks who go to church every Sunday and call themselves Christians but aren't batting an eye at children in cages are no better than that red-neck truck driver with a confederate flag in his back window who loves screaming the n-word as they race through small towns and country roads.

 Not one bit better. 

They just pretend they are, and they think they're fooling the rest of the world. 

And they silently cheer at their TVs as their president incites riots. 

They're the dangerous ones. 

They're the ones I despise the most.

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