Sunday, August 4, 2019

Here -

Let me give you a gun 
Because you have the right 
To bear arms 
Go ahead 
Murder babies 
In Sandy Hook 
And teenagers 
In Parkland 
And music lovers 
In Vegas 
And employees
In Aurora
And Shoppers 
In Walmart
And children on the streets of Chicago 
Let me give you guns 
You don’t have to do much 
Just give me some money 
I don’t care if you are 
Just bring me green 
And I’ll give you ammo 
And pay my lobbyist 
To cover your government 
In blood drenched bills 
And arrange for the NRA 
To meet your president 
In a hotel 
And make his video of urination on a 
Russian prostitute 
Look like a Disney short 
Let me give you guns 
Because it’s your American birth right
Like baseball and apple pie 
And racism and genocide 
Like hate and capitalism 
Let me give you guns 
And when you weep over 
Your 1st graders 
Bullet holes bigger than golf balls 
And your high school students 
Swimming in the blood of their peers 
And co workers hiding behind desks 
Like they are in battleground trenches 
I’ll give you 
Thoughts and prayers 
This is a war zone 
But the idiot that hate elected 
Calls a national emergency 
For a border crisis that doesn’t exist 
And ignores the chalk outline drawn 
Around this entire country 
Let me give you a gun

  - - - by Leslé Honoré 


Lesa said...

Oh, Kaye. This poem defines our country right now. I wish people had the courage to say no more.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Me too, sweetie.