Thursday, January 23, 2020

I believe in raising my voice

sadly, some don't.

And they deserve what happens to this country by staying silent.


The rest of us DO NOT!

You have a voice.

And not using it is your choice, of course.

Just like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The Republicans are very good at ignoring their constituents who disagree with them and some of you are playing their game just like they want.

Bless your heart.

I feel enormous sadness for those of you who don't believe these words from Margaret Mead. 

And you make my head hurt. 

But, you won't change my mind about how I think, or how I feel. And I won't stop fighting for those things. 

This is my country too - I'll fight for it. 

You who don't want to fight? 

You who want to spend large amounts of time and space at Facebook telling so many of us why we're wasting our time? 

Leave me alone. 





While I respect your opinions, I do not need your lectures, explanations and theories about why I, and others, are wasting our time. 

I've tried to explain before, but people only see what they want and leave the rest behind - I do not post my feelings here or at Facebook to try to change anyone's mind about things. 

I post them to let you know that MY mind will not be changed. 

Not by those of you who mean well, and not by those of you who are just mean, ignorant and full of shit. 

I have a brain. 

I have a heart. 

I'm 71 years old - I have learned how to think on my own. 

I have feelings. 

Those of you who are spending so much time, space and energy declaring that raising your voice is a waste of time?  Your words are weighty, to my mind, only because there are so many of them - not because of what they actually say.

Do you really think you're telling me something I may not be intelligent enough to know? 

Not to have thought of all on my very own? 

Spend your time and energy doing something other than arguing (even ever so gently) with me. 

Some of you forget we're on the same team.

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