Thursday, January 30, 2020

Snow Day = Art Play = A Place to Get Away From Politics (temporarily)

We woke up to a little more snow today.

And fog.

Pretty, methinks, although some will disagree.

So I wandered out to the storage building to see if Donald has made any changes since I was last out there.

No changes much to speak of.

The shelves are going to be up to me.  

What's there now is just there to be out of the way.

I have a few things in mind for the shelves, including some books, of course.  

And I'm in the process of gathering some things for a project I've been thinking on for the past several weeks.

But it's a secret for now.


I still plan on going out to find the perfect little overstuffed tufted granny chair, but in the meantime, this rocker will do in case company comes to call.  

Annabelle has a warm bed to rest in if she wants, and a favorite toy to play with.

And it's always nice to have a couple of windows to stare out of while creative thoughts dance through one's head.

Especially in a room of one's own.

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