Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Bliss Point or What Can Best Be Achieved by Cheese

          the other gold.
                    Now that’s the stuff,
                               shredded or melted
                                         or powdered
                                                 or canned.
                                         the pinnacle of man
                     in a cheeto puff!
Now that’s the stuff
                      you’ve been primed for:
                                             fatty & salty & crunchy
          and poof—gone. There’s the proof.
Though your grandmother
                        never even had one. You can’t
                                    have just one. You
                                              inhale them puff—
                                                                     after puff—
                                                                after puff—
                               You’re a chain smoker. Tongue
                      coated & coaxed
but not saturated or satiated.
                       It’s like pure flavor,
                                   but sadder. Each pink ping
                                                       in your pinball-mouth
                                                                expertly played
                             by the makers who have studied you,
                               the human animal, and culled
                    from the rind
         your Eve in the shape
                                 of a cheese curl.
                                come curl in the dim light of the TV.
                           Veg out on the verge of no urge
                  of anything.
         Long ago we beached ourselves,
                                 climbed up the trees then
                                          down the trees,
                                                knuckled across the dirt
                               & grasses & thorns & Berber carpet.
                                           Now is the age of sitting,
                                   so sit.
           And I must say,
                       crouched on the couch like that,
                             you resemble no animal.
                                    Smug in your Snuggie and snug
                                                     in your sloth, you look
                                           nothing like a sloth.
           And you are not an anteater,
                                   an anteater eats ants
                                                   without fear
                                       of diabetes. Though breathing,
                 one could say, resembles a chronic disease. 
                                                                                            What’s real
                             cheese and what is cheese product?
                              It’s difficult to say
               but being alive today
                                      is real-
                                like a book you can’t put down, a stone
                       that plummets from a great height. Life’s
                      a “page-turner” alright.
               But don’t worry
                                      if you miss the finale
                                                of your favorite show, you can
                                                   catch in on queue. Make room
                                      for me and I’ll binge on this,
                                                            the final season with you.

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