Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday

After a few days of gorgeous weather which "forced" poor Donald outside for a ride on his Harley, we had a little bit of snow.

Today it's back to sunshine, which will melt this little bit of snow, but it's only early April, so I think it might be a safe bet that we'll see a little more before long.

When Easter rolls around we almost always have ham.

The question is whether we have potato salad or a cheesy potato casserole.

This year we decided on potato salad.

Next decision under discussion was whether we have Easter dinner on Easter, or move it up to Good Friday.

This year it's going to be on Good Friday.

I've started pulling out a few things for the table, and when I turned my back, darn if the Easter Bunny didn't pop in the back door and drop off some chocolate bunnies!


Dark Chocolate for Don.

Milk Chocolate for me.

Back to dinner preps and table setting . . . 

Annabelle has no idea what the fuss is all about . . . 

Happy Good Friday!

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