Monday, August 24, 2020

Plans for this week

Plans for this week do not include watching the Republican National Convention.

WHY would I??!


Have you seen the list of speakers??


I know there are folks who are saying they will watch because they want to stay informed.  

Well,  here's a litle info.  There's NO platform.  like I said, it's now The Party of Trump.

Trump is the first sitting president not receiving ANY previous presdents' endorsement.

More than two dozen former GOP lawmakers endorse Biden on Day One of the RNC.

Over 70 former national security officials who have served in Republican administrations signed a written statement highlighting the threat Donald Trump poses to our national security and endorsing Joe Biden

I do not even want to talk about the hypocrisy of the Falwells and that whole evangelical bunch.

As far as I'm concerned, with seeing the same old gang telling the same old lies you can see or read every single day via the news, there's nothing new to be learned at this "Party of Trump" convention.  

The only thing I would get from watching is a major head explosion.

Well, never mind . . . 

If I truly had a hankering for a convention fix I'd probably tune into the Convention on Founding Principles.  

Former FBI Director James Comey and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci are among the lineup of speakers.

But . . .  No.

Just.   No.

I'll be doing a little of the same as last week.

Reading, baking, creating.

And because I rarely take the time to sit down and look through this wonderful collection of coffee table books I have, I plan on doing that.

I have an addiction to big fun wonderful coffee table books about a myriad of subjects.

Along with some I've collected over the years, I now have my mom's collection also.  She had an amazing collection of jewelry books that I'm loving.

One of the things I always do while traveling is find a bookstore or two.  I can't seem to resist the local author/local interest section and have often come home with books as a fun souvenier.  

Some of the books I've posted here are treasures I've found at used bookstores or on-line used for a terrific price.  Amazingly, some of them are now listed at a price I'd never be able to pay.   

And since I know you all love books as much as I do, you might enjoy some of these - take a look.  

You might find a book you were unaware of, or a book that you'll want to search out for your own personal library.  (there are places on line to look for used books besides Amazon and, although those are sometimes the perfect place to start.

I've put books on the "wishlist" thinking it would be a close to impossible attempt, only to be pleasantly surprised.

And, sometimes, it's all about the hunt.  Like finding a rare version of a much loved book.  Or an autographed edition of a much loved book by an author no longer living.

Here's a few of my favorites - - - 

There are a few more books around this house I can read and browse through.  

Enough at least that I know I won't be tempted to turn on the "Trump Comedy Hour" any night this week.

Stay safe, everyone!

Happy Reading!


Gram said...

Now I'm drooling over those books. What a wonderful collection and a perfect antidote and alternate to the RNC

Cyranetta said...

Submerging oneself in graciousness - perfect antidote!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

You're both exactly right - an antidote! I had not thought of it that way.
"Submerging oneself in graciousness" - I love that!