Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Show a little respect

 Dear Friends. 

We are all in danger of saying or posting (at a blog or Facebook or other Social Media accounts) something that others are not going to agree with. 

More than once in the past week I have had fingers pointed at me telling me I had done something wrong when, in fact, I had not.  

I'm not as averse as some to making mistakes.  Oh, Honey, I do, indeed make mistakes.  And I'll own up to them.  

If you don't make an occassional mistake, to my mind, it means you're not doing anything.  


Just admit you made it and move on.  WHAT is the big deal?

If you're unable to do that, well - bless your heart, that's your issue.

I don't like the whole blanket process which seems to be prevalent lately of just shooting someone down by telling them they're wrong or that they did something that they did not do without looking at your own actions in the situation at hand.

So far, I've handled it well (if I do say so myself).


That's likely to change.

Even those of us who are good friends are likely to disagree on things.

 Especially between now and election day. 

I'm going to continue staying away from Facebook for a few days at a time because my brain and my heart feel as though they're on emotional overload when I spend too much time there. 

But I'd like, very much, to feel as though when I'm there, or here, and when I post something that you don't like OR if you think I've posted something that is incorrect and feel the need to correct me publicly - that you just don't. 



Like many of you, my feelings are fairly raw right now and I can't promise to react kindly. 

So, if you know for sure I've posted something at Facebook that is, in fact, incorrect, let me know privately, please and I promise to do the same.

If I write something here you don't like . . .  well, in all honesty, it's my blog so; my rules.

If you'd like to point out to me something you think I've done, or said that you believe to be incorrect, I'd appreciate you being careful about how you confront me about it, and remember that we all make mistakes.  

Even you.

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