Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Different Kind of Christmas


Christmas traditions within families change over the years.

This year brings us yet another change.  And it's not a change that is completely by choice.

This year it will be me, Donald and Annabelle.

Home alone in Meat Camp.  Not that that is a bad thing - not at all.  But it is different.  

A pandemic Christmas, for us, means no traveling to be with family.

Packages have been shipped.  Packages have been received.

Tree is up and decorated.

A few Christmas sit-abouts scattered through the house.

Christmas linens and china pulled out of the closet.

The next big decision . . . 

What are we going to eat??

After much discussion, decisions made and decisions changed . . . 

Turkey and dressing and all the sides?

Ham and all the sides?

Beef tenderloin?

Prime rib?

What to do, what to do.


A decision made and written in stone.

Christmas Eve dinner will be lasagna.

I make a mean lasagna.

I love making a big pot of sauce and I love the whole construction of layering (and layering again) the thickest, cheesiest, soupiest lasagna in the history of lasagna.  

It ain't pretty.

It does not stand up showing off its layers as lasagna should.

But, damn, it's good.

And it'll be even better the second time on Christmas night.

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Lesa said...

And, it looks wonderful! Fantastic choice!