Monday, December 28, 2020

Don't be afraid to sparkle

While browsing in the after Christmas sales on-line (aka Window Shopping Pandemic Style), not looking for anything in particular, and not planning on buying anything, I happened onto a skirt that caught my eye.

I miss shopping.

I miss buying fun, pretty clothes.

And I AM I fool for a good sale.

I am also a fool for glitter.

(If you read my book WHIMSEY, you might remember a certain character by the name of Emmaline and her glitter experiences 😊 I loved writing Emmaline ).

Anyway . . .

After seeing the skirt (50% off, with an addition 40% off at the register and free shipping) I did what one does.

Read the reviews.

And they made me hoot!

They were also a clue as to why this skirt was marked down from a price I would never pay to a price that I would.

For example . . .

glitter disaster

The skirt is pretty but it is BAD QUALITY. Glitter is everywhere!

Spread glitter all over the place?

What a shame. I expected some shine, but not gold glitter that starts falling all over as soon as I took it out of the bag.  The color is so pretty and the tulle light. I would have worn with a chunky sweater. However, don’t think it would be appreciated if I brought glitter everywhere I went. Oh well...

As the previous review states, what a shame. Such a pretty color and the tulle is fairly soft but it is a glitter (plastic particles) explosion. I can't recommend this skirt at all!

But Finally, i read a review written by someone who, apparently, thinks like me. Yay!!!

Have realistic expectations

I bought this in person and came on here to see how it'a styled on different bodies but I never expected to see so many negative reviews! It’s a flowy skirt with lots of movement and layers covered in loose glitter. Of course it will shed! I’m assuming the people who left those reviews have never handled glitter in any capacity. Glittery anything WILL shed, no matter how well it’s made.


I bought the skirt.

Since there IS still a pandemic going on, (although it's obvious there are still people delusional enough not to believe it) I won't be going anywhere any time soon to wear it.


The day will come.  

And I'm sure nice restaurants won't mind sweeping up a wee bit of glitter.  

Don't be Afraid


Sparkle, Honeys!