Sunday, January 3, 2021

Another day, another Republican/trump Drama


In my humble opinion, the GOP splits apart and implodes as a few B-List attention whores show us they would rather lick trump's boots than honor their oaths of office.

They raise their fists and declare themselves the party of law and order.

With NO evidence they continue screeching about a stolen election, while some of these idiots won their seats on the same ballot trump lost on.

They support a cornered rat named trump as he calls on a bunch of ragtag ignorant rednecks who love their guns to come to DC for a "wild rally," i. e. A Riot against democracy.

They're supporting violence against the 81 million of us who voted for the man who legitimately won the election.

And when Jan 20 rolls around, trump will be just another punk facing charges that should land him in prison.

And these phony congressional "representatives" will still be B-List attention whores believing in nothing except their own brand of success; lining their pockets and reaching for power with no thought given to the people they're supposed to be working for.

Not a care for the American citizens who are, right now, suffering.

If COVID doesn't kill us, it can leave us with devastating after-effects, including financial situations leading to empty bank accounts and the loss of homes.

The lack of guidance or concern of our own government has led to unnecessary deaths from COVID and the loss of jobs and homes.

But hey, it's okay.

Not a single member of congress will ever have to worry about being homeless.

Or hungry.

Or feeding their kids.

Or their healthcare.

And they will actually be able to retire.


The Republican party will still be around, but it won't be able to ever again refer to its self as the party of law and order, or the party of family values - WHAT a laugh!

They're gonna have to work real hard to even be seen as a party with an ounce of honest credibility rather than a bunch of jackleg clowns and crooks.

And, in regard to the tape released today. You know the one I'm talking about . . . You can listen here - 


I think Dan Rather has summed it up quite nicely -

January 20 cannot get here soon enough.

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