Friday, January 8, 2021

It was not a protest.


It was a riot.

An insurgence.

New and increasingly horrible facts continue to be revealed.  



 I think we need to be prepared to hear more about the extent of complicity.  

Those people who were dressed foolishly and talk with southern drawls? 

They were, unsurprisingly, underestimated in their desire to do murderous damage, not just leave a bit of shameful destruction.  

People just don't understand that because they believe they're using a group of people they believe they're superior to, that those people aren't, in return, using them. 

They're used to being underestimated and referred to as yahoos.  And, of course, many of them are.  

However,  IMO, as disgusting as those punks are, some of our very own congressmen dressed in their expensive suits are every bit as disgusting.  

Every bit as dangerous.  Just sneakier.  

Don't underestimate their ability to be the ones to attempt to pull the final switch on our democracy. 

The days to come will reveal the well-dressed as well as the foolishly and poorly dressed monsters under our bed.  

Some, sadly, might be wearing uniforms.  Leaving us to forever wonder who we search for when we need protection. 


Let's not forget that this is a demographic who, supposedly, believe in the philosophy behind Blue Lives Matter.  

That said, it should be hard for them (as it is me) to watch the video of the police officer being crushed in a door in The Capitol. I don't believe it is.  

Hard for them to live with the fact that they were part of a group causing the death of a police officer by beating with a fire hydrant.  i don't believe it is.  

They're heartless monsters.  

Time for Trump supporters to admit their loyalties have nothing to do with making this a better country.  

It's loyalty to nothing.  


Self-serving bullshit.  

That's all it is.  

I think we need to be prepared for more riots of this sort.  And we need to remember Trump and his enablers have blood on their hands.

And they don't seem the least bit bothered.

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