Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Boxes Have Left The Building


Boxes, like Elvis, have left the building.

And are STILL leaving.

And nothing makes me happier.

My newest hobby - getting rid of "stuff."

Right now there are boxes in the car waiting to go to the container site, to recycling, to the swap shop, and to our booth at the antique mall.  

Some of the boxes are from the storage building that we are STILL emptying.  (I think boxes in the storage building are actually breeding like bunnies.  For real).

Some of the boxes are from the house.  Doing some springtime deep cleaning this year includes a lot of "Out you go.  Out YOU go.  Oh, yes, you too.  YOU! Why are you still here?" 

There's a little of everything leaving.  Including books.  Lots and lots of books.  (Note of import  😏  While continuing  our huge purge I found an old, well worn, and very well loved copy of Helen Hooven Santmyer's novel ''. . . And Ladies of the Club'' which made her a celebrity at the age of 88. I loved this book, and have now put it aside in a small pile of books to be re-read. Small pile includes the entire Rex Stout Nero Wolfe series. "Small" is relative . . . )

Funny thing is though, looking around you'd never believe we have removed a few dozen boxes of stuff in the past few weeks.

Out of sight, out of mind never seemed so true.

I'd love to stay and chat, but there are boxes waiting to leave the building.

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