Monday, June 14, 2021

Dipping our toes into the pool of re-entry

Dear friends from my hometown of Cambridge, Maryland were vacationing here in The High Country last week.

Debby and Gordon Hill.

We were in high school together and have stayed close.

Their visit presented us with the challenge/opportunity to get out and see a little bit of our world.

It felt a little weird, truth be told.

And not entirely comfortable.  But not entirely uncomfortable.

Downtown Boone was a mixed bag of masks in equal numbers, maybe more people without than with, but not by a huge margin.

I only went into one shop, Antiques on Howard, and was happy to see some empty spots on the shelves in our booth.  Time to re-stock!  Because I have darted in to do this re-stocking thing a couple of times during the past year and a half, I felt pretty comfortable, but not comfortable enough to hang around and shop.  Just peek and leave.

We had brunch at my favorite Downtown Boone restaurant, Melanie's, and ate outside.   And felt perfectly at ease enjoying time with dear friends along with some delicious Eggs Benedict. 

Time with friends and eating out - those are things I've been missing most.

And while happy to have made this first little step, I can say that Donald and I are in agreement that we are not ready for re-entry in a big way.

And we'll continue keeping our masks close at hand.

But oh my goodness it was good to see good friends!

It was not very welcoming of The Town of Boone to give us, and Gordon and Debby, parking tickets, but that's another story for another day other than to say what a way to leave our visitors with a bad taste in their mouth after spending not a small amount of money while shopping here.  

Boo, Boone.


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