Monday, June 28, 2021

Dear Meanderings and Muses subscribers,

 Google has decided to eliminate its FeedBurner feature (Boo, Google!) which means you will no longer be receiving Meanderings and Muses in your email boxes.  I think this will be happening during July.

I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you'll still pop in to see whatever it is I might be rambling about, be it Annabelle, Donald, Paris, politics, the beach (going soon!), poetry or pretty pictures. Peonies or pearls.  Concerts, clothes, nail color or motorcycles. Cameras and coffee.  Rants, recipes, what I'm reading, what I'm writing.  The good stuff, the bad stuff.  Adventures and just plain ol' daily living.

Meanderings and Muses has been around since 2008 and we've covered a lot of topics.  Some have been important, some have been pure silliness.  Type a word or a name into that little search box at the top left corner of the blog and chances are fairly good you'll find something here that I, or a guest, had to say about it.  

So.  Just 'cause you won't find me in your in-box for much longer, I'll still be here, and I hope you will be too.



Lesa said...

I know. I saw that, and wondered about some of my readers, too. But, I know I often caught on Feedburner even before Facebook that you had written something. Boo, hiss.

Annette said...

Stupid Google.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

And I second that Boo, hiss!