Friday, July 2, 2021

Needs must

I'm not sure I truly understood what that little phrase, "needs must", really meant until recently and it slammed home hard and fast and true. And I'm being, admittedly, childishly whiny about it.  I don't care.  I'll whine if I want to.

We have, like everyone, experienced "needs must" moments.  Those unexpected emergencies that can't be ignored.  

What do you do?

You do what needs to be done as best you're able, of course, and move on.

While I take ownership of my personal feelings of  pissed off-edness about this, it's a bigger issue.

Health care cost in this country stinks.  

The fact that people lose homes, go bankrupt, or ignore their health problems in The United States of America because of cost is ludicrous and, IMO, criminal.

Health care, in this particular case, includes dental care.

Donald and I are just beginning our latest adventure.  

The most expensive one yet.  

One that will cost more than our past three trips abroad combined.

But we will have pretty new teeth implanted.  

Even with dental insurance, our out of pocket cost will be around $25,000 +.

Needs must.

This is not going to be an easy financial situation for us. But, I know we're able to do it because we've been, among other things, damned lucky.

When I hear people say something like, "well, they should have planned better", "they should have made better choices," etc. I'd like to shake them.  That is not reality.  

Don Barley and I have worked hard all our lives.  We've worked, at times, more than one job.  When I was single, there was a short period of time when I worked three jobs.  And still, we've been lucky.  Luckier than some who have worked harder for longer.

There will be no adventures to Paris or anywhere else for awhile.  

I'll be a little upset about it, but I hope I can keep it in perspective and hope that some day, this country will come around and do the right thing for its hard working citizens in regard to health care.

Needs must.



Lesa said...

I agree with you 100%, Kaye. I haven't experienced it yet, but only because I haven't retired, and still have insurance from work. Over $25,000! That's just a crime. I'm so sorry. And, I agree. People shouldn't have to make decisions about their health because they can't afford it. This country has made some terrible decisions, or, I should say, our elected officials. I certainly won't call them our "leaders". They have no interest in leading anyone but themselves.

The more I type, the angrier I get.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

No, they can never be called leaders. That's for sure. WE should be the ones in charge, Lesa!

Love you.

Gram said...

There was a story on the news this morning about two little girls raising money for their baby sister in the NICU because she was born with a heart condition,,,they were selling's wonderful they want to do this but it shouldn't be necessary.