Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Favorite Spots in Paris - Part Six, Paris Porte De Vanves Flea Market


Donald and I have forever been fans of a really good flea market.  You might be surprised at some of the treasures in our home that came from a dusty shelf in a small flea market.  

So, of course, we're going to seek out flea markets in Paris!

And there are some good ones.  

Of course there are - it's PARIS!

The literal translation of "flea market" in French would be  marché de puces, but most often referred to as a brocante.

There are numerous small pop-up brocantes scattered around Paris; some scheduled, some not.  And it's always fun to happen upon one.  

And there are those larger ones that you can count on being in place according to their own individual and differing schedules.

This is a good guide and summary:

 The largest and most famous is Paris Saint Ouen Flea Market (Puces De Saint-Ouen) At Porte De Clignancourt.  

We considered going here, but felt like it might be way bigger than what we wanted to tackle.  Maybe on a future trip 'cause it does sound pretty wonderful.

We chose Paris Porte De Vanves Flea Market (Puces De Porte De Vanves) At Porte De Vanves

And it was just right!

The first booth I stopped at and spent a good bit of time looking was this one -

I am a sucker for scarves.

There were some gorgeous designer scarves, but no bargains.  At least, i don't think there were.  When I passed this booth a few hours later, there wasn't much left, so maybe there were bargains that my untrained eye missed.  Or there were folks who weren't afraid to bargain.   Or they were willing and able to pay more than me.

But, yes, we did find some treasures. 

Most notably this wonderful lap desk which traveled with us from Paris to Meat Camp and now lives in our living room.

Here's a piece I wrote about our day at Puces de Vanves, with lots of fun pictures:

j'espère que vous reviendrez

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