Sunday, April 23, 2023

Favorite Book of the Year, so far


I read a lot of books. (You know that, right?😊 )

This year, so far, I have read a little more than 60 books.

Silence of the Seamaid by Ann Medlock is, so far, my favorite.

This excerpt from Elana Sztokman’s review sums it up perfectly - "Silence of the Seamaid is an engaging, enraging, and inspiring story about women and the will that it sometimes takes for them to simply live."

The entire review can be read here -

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This book touched me, resonated loudly, and satisfied me on multiple levels.

I cheered for Lee, even when I sometimes wanted to shake her.

I laughed with her, and cried with her. And I got angry as hell.

I admired her strengths and talents, enjoyed her curiosity, her eye for beauty, and her need for more.

Ms. Medlock's writing has us experiencing this elegantly written story with all our senses.

This is one of those books you'll hear me talking about, urging you to read, and placing in your hands if you don't do it quickly enough.

It is, most especially, I think, a book that will speak to women who remember the not so distant past when women were supposed to get married. That's it. Get married. Take care of the husband and the obligatory children. And not expect anything more out of life.

Silence of the Seamaid was published last year and is available at your favorite bookstore.  It is also right now available through

I'll be interested in hearing what you think.

Happy reading!

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