Friday, July 28, 2023

Muses from Meat Camp - Good, Bad, and Horrid


Ups and Downs.  Downs and Ups.

Some days we just float along taking things for granted, and happily so.

Some days come with surprises - some good, some not so great.

Today it is 75 degrees here at our little spot in the mountains, and yes - I do know how lucky we are.   I, stated simply, cannot abide the heat.  Besides the typical sweaty, uncomfortable fact of it with my clothes sticking to me, my hair soaking wet, I tend to get dizzy and nauseous.  Ugh.

As unpopular as cold, snowy weather is to some of my friends, it's what I prefer.

Yesterday we spent a day out and about.  The Highlander had to be taken in to the Toyota place to have an oil hose somethinorother replaced.  This the week after having 4 new tires put on.  As the trite old saying goes, "it's always something."


There is usually some good stuff to help balance out the bad stuff.  I hope I continue being able to remember this till the day my toes turn up.

For instance,

On the way down our driveway, our daylillies are having a party.  They are glorious.

Our dahlias didn't come back this year (boo), the peonies were puny (boo),  but daisies we can count on, always (yay!).

While in town, we went by Antiques on Howard and finished removing everything from our booth.  It had stopped being fun, so time to end it.

The booth helped get rid of quite a lot, but not everything.  I already have a couple boxes marked "FREE STUFF" to put by the fence at the container site.  Somebody's gonna have fun going through these boxes, and may find a treasure or two.

We also, of course, went  by the Post Office.   Bad stuff - bills (boo).  Good stuff - new book (yay!).


A flag to place in our yard to honor Kevin Reel whose life was snatched away by an asshole temporarily made to feel big and important by carrying a gun.

Sadly, I cannot think of one damn thing to offset this.  Not one.  

Because there's nothing.

Kathy Boone Reel, we love you.  And we will think of you and Philip and your family every single time we lift our eyes to see this flag.  And we will continue speaking out about our lack of common sense gun laws in this country.  Continue writing letters, making phone calls, signing petitions, and voting for change.  As will so many of your friends, and other like-minded, sane, people.  To honor Kevin.


Kathy Reel said...

Oh Kaye, I'm crying, but they are tears of gratitude that you honor my beautiful boy. This means so much to me, dear sister. You might save me yet from complete despair. I just can't thank you enough for this.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Lesa said...

Kaye, Thank you for reminding us something "usually" balances out the bad. You're right. Nothing can balance out Kevin's murder. But, I appreciate all your thoughts about the balance is life.

Dru Ann said...

love the flag to honor Kevin