Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The 14 most charming Arcades in Paris (+ Covered Passages Map)

There are several excellent bloggers who write fun, helpful, interesting blogs about Paris.

One of my favorites is Salut From Paris

There is also a Salut FromParis Facebook Page

The force behind this treasure chest of information is Lena, who has been sharing her knowledge with us for 16 years.

It's one of my favorite places to go to answer any question I might have about Paris.

Best hotels/budget hotels/hotels with the best views/Best places to eat/Paris by month guide/A guide to the transportation system/Neighborhood guides/Hidden gems/Packing tips/Scams to be aware of/ and so much more!

She also has a wonderful free downloadable guide.

I am posting this here, not only to share with you, but to put in a place I'll be able to find again, Lena's map of covered passages.

We have been to some of these, but not all 14 on her list of favorites.  Having this map will be a huge help! 

It's going to be winter when we're there.  Covered passages will be just the thing for a bad weather day.   Perfect!  There's history, interesting architecture, shopping, places to eat and to drink, and stop for a few "We're in Paris!" moments.

Read all about these magical arcades right here - They are truly one of my favorite things about my favorite city.


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Lesa said...

I liked her piece about English language bookstores in Paris. Found memories of Smith & Son (WHSmith).