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You're getting ready to go on a little trip.  


a big trip.

Which of these philosophies do you follow?

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If you know me even just the littlest bit, you know I am, without question, a "Let's Shop" kinda gal.

And when my favorite on-line shopping spots have a really good sale, I am one of the first through that virtual front door.

A GOOD sale.  

And I don't mean some skimpy 20 or 25% off.

My mother would declare that a sale for amateurs.  

Because several of you have asked, my best on-line sale shopping recently has been at Poshmark where I scored a NWT good deal (40% off) on a pair of Margaux ballet flats.   (that's New With Tag for those of you who aren't familiar with on-line used clothing shops)  

I LOVE Poshmark.  

Other on-line used clothing shops include The Real Real, 1st Dibs, Gently and I'm sure there are more I'm not aware of.

Poshmark is my go-to spot.  I have found them to be trustworthy.  Their webpage is very fairly friendly once you get the hang of it.

Shopping Hint:  If you see something you like, "Like" it.  This adds a little red heart to the item.  The seller will sometimes/fairly often contact you privately through the web page with an offer.  You then have the opportunity to accept the offer or make a counter offer.  Remember to go back and check for messages!

I also bought a dress I had been coveting from JohnnyWas at their semi-annual warehouse sale for about 70% off.

Another Shopping Hint:  if you see something you like while shopping your favorite on-line shop, put it in your shopping cart and leave.  Sometimes, the vendor will send you an email offering free shipping for that item, or a discount for becoming a "first time" shopper.

There are deals to be had.  But you have to search.  Some people would rather just skip the work and buy at regular (gasp!) prices or a not so significant sale price.

Not me.

There are some pretty terrific "Sale on Sale" deals that are worth looking for and waiting for.  Sometimes the wait is well worth it.  (see above comment about the semi-annual warehouse sale).  

Some I check regularly are J. Crew,  J. Jill, Anthropologie, Farm Rio, Sundance,  Frank & Eileen, Madewell, and Johnny Was.

Have Fun!

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